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    December 8, 2021

    How Huddle Takes Face-to-Face Video Conferencing to the Next Level


    Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, video conferencing services have risen in popularity and demand. As people spent more and more time under lockdown restrictions, video conferencing platforms rapidly became an essential method for keeping in touch with friends, family, and other loved ones.

    However, video conferencing is not just for virtual parties and digital pubs, and companies the world over have also found such platforms to be essential tools for carrying out business in the new normal.

    From daily huddles and meetings to seminars and full-blown business conferences--innovative brands have discovered no end of ingenious applications for video conferencing services in the post-COVID landscape.

    As one of the world’s leading providers of professional VoIP solutions, it’s only natural that net2phone offers a professional-grade business video conferencing platform. While other more mainstream options such as Zoom may be adequate for casual meetings between friends and family, the demands of businesses require something a bit more robust.

    Into this space steps Huddle, a commercial-grade video conferencing platform, brought to you by the UCaaS experts here at net2phone. Building on net2phone’s reputation for helping clients get the most out of their businesses through cloud PBX unified communications. Huddle provides the kind of seamless video conferencing services businesses rely on (especially in this day and age) and offers a host of features designed specifically with day-to-day business dealings in mind.

    Huddle offers complete on-the-go access through cloud PBX and users can use net2phone's proprietary web app to login, in seconds with its single sign-on functionality. From there you get amazing features such as video recording, YouTube live streaming, moderator audio control, custom backgrounds, and phone dial-in conference options. You can even fully integrate Huddle with your Google and/or Microsoft Outlook calendars to ensure no crucial meetings are missed.

    Secure and Professional Video Conferencing

    Security and maintaining professionalism are obviously massive concerns for professional-grade video conferencing services. Since the onset of the pandemic, there has been no end of amusing video conferencing stories being disrupted by wayward pets, intrusive family members, and many other distractions – not to mention uninvited people gaining access to meetings.

    While these stories may seem funny from an outside perspective, they have the potential to cause serious harm to your brand’s reputation should they happen to you.

    Thankfully, Huddle comes with a host of features designed to prevent these kinds of embarrassing intrusions. Password-protected meetings, full encryption, guest password protection, secure user data, and an A grade from SSL Labs all demonstrate how seriously Huddle takes your security. Huddle also has the option for blurred backgrounds and noise cancellation– removing distracting activity or background noise in turn keeping your meetings significantly more professional.

    As you can see, Huddle provides everything your business needs from a video conferencing service. That’s not all, as the Huddle video conferencing platform also comes packed with all the following quality of life features:

    • Huddle Video Recording
    • Video Conference Screen Sharing
    • Huddle Participant Preview Screen
    • Public and Private Chats
    • Raise Hand Option
    • Huddle Reactions
    • YouTube Live Streaming 
    • YouTube Video Sharing
    • Mobile App Compatibility
    • Recurring Huddles
    • Real-time Connection Quality/Status
    • Keyboard Shortcuts

    Please get in touch and begin your net2phone journey today.

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