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    uContact Cloud And Omnichannel Platform The Ultimate Cloud Contact Center Solution

    Deliver a personalized customer experience with every interaction, across every channel, with uContact, net2phone’s cloud contact center solution.



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    Choose The Right Cloud Contact Center Solution Plan For Your Business

    Say goodbye to endless tabs, and manage your interactions from one screen. net2phone uContact’s voice and omnichannel plans enhance agent work and create an exceptional customer experience.


    A Platform Adapted To Your Business

    You don't need to be an expert programmer to customize your contact center solution. Easy to use drag-and-drop tools make it easy to build customizations and workflows to adapt the platform to your needs.

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    Make Data-Driven Decisions

    Stay up to date and make informed decisions using customizable reporting and analytics tools. Adapt quickly when you have real-time insight into agent and campaign performance.

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    Analytics and Reports

    Automations to Delight Customers

    Now you can use automation and AI-powered bots to speed up customer interactions across multiple channels. It's the perfect way to handle frequently asked questions, execute transactions, and more without needing staff.

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    Automation and AI

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    Supercharge every interaction with net2phone uContact, a contact center solution you can rely on.

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    Cloud Contact Center Features

    Handle all your voice and text interactions and improve Customer Experience across all communications, on every channel, using our Cloud & Omnichannel solution.

    Inbound, Outbound, & Blended Campaigns

    Deliver high-quality voice experiences through all interactions.

    Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

    Put your business in autopilot using our native ACD software.

    Virtual Hold

    Callers can schedule a call back for any time or day, on any number without losing their place in the queue.

    Call Monitoring

    Barge, whisper, or monitor calls to manage call quality and agent performance.

    Predictive Dialer

    Predicts’ when the agent will become available again and starts dialing based on his/her average wrap-up time.

    Power Dialer

    Determines the average number of calls the system needs to make on any given list in order to successfully connect to a client.

    Preview Dialer

    Automatically dials a number from a call list as soon as an agent becomes available to ensure clients don’t answer calls without an agent ready to pick them up.

    Progressive Dialer

    Calls the agent first and when/if the agent is available, it forwards the call to the client. Each client is assigned to a specific agent.

    Reverse Progressive Dialer

    Exclusive configuration of the Progressive dialer, but calls the client first, and then transfers the call to the assigned agent.

    Answering Machine Detection (AMD)

    Automatic detection of voice mails & distinction between human and robotic voice.

    Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

    Allows incoming callers to access information via a voice response system of pre recorded messages without having to speak to an agent.

    Text-to-Speech (TTS)* & Automatic Speech Recognition

    Assistive technology that reads digital text aloud or can convert human audio into text using acoustic language models.

    Unified Inbox

    Meet customers in the digital channel of their choice, integrating all touchpoints in the same place.

    Post-Interaction Satisfaction Surveys

    Receive customer feedback at the completion of any interactions.

    Chat Bots

    Automate all digital interactions using our native & customizable Bots.

    Audio & Video WebRTC

    Start and/or answer audio and video calls directly from your website.

    SMS and MMS Campaigns

    Send singular or bulk SMS campaigns to one or multiple recipients.

    Workforce Management

    Record interactions, calls, and screens; conduct agent coaching, enable satisfaction surveys, and more!

    Reporting & Analytics

    Omnichannel & real-time alerts, monitoring of daily performance, and standardized or custom reporting.

    Transform your Business with net2phone’s Contact Center Solution

    Experience remarkable results for agents, customers and your business.

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    Why Choose net2phone Cloud Contact Center?

    Affordable. Scalable. Flexible.

    Affordable Contact Center Solutions Our license costs are straightforward, transparent and cost-efficient. With affordable plans that include all the features, customizations and capabilities you need, there’s no need to compromise.
    A Flexible Solution for Business Growth Now you can easily adapt to ever-changing business needs and customer demands. Adding new services, features and users is effortless with net2phone.
    Work From Anywhere, Anytime Access your net2phone contact center solution from your browser with no installation or downloads. Or, use our softphone app on any device to enable efficient work on the go.

    Cloud Contact Center FAQ

    What is a contact center?

    An organization's contact center serves as a central point for managing customer interactions. Interactions can happen over various channels, including email, phone, SMS, social media etc., and is managed through contact center software.  Contact centers typically exist to offer customers support and sales services.

    What is an omnichannel contact center?

    With an omnichannel contact center, customers can communicate with your company using different communication methods. This can include social media, email, telephone, SMS and more.  With omni channel contact center software, you can seamlessly manage every channel through a single platform. 

    What is the difference between a call center and a contact center?

    Contact centers offer customer service through a variety of communication channels. A call center only provides service over the telephone.

    What are the benefits of a cloud-based contact center over an on-premises?

    Deployment is quick: with a cloud-based contact center, it only takes a few days.  On-premise deployment on the other hand can take months.

    Scaling: is much easier on the cloud. With a few clicks, you can add new users, features and configurations. On-premise systems can be challenging to scale since you have physically scale the hardware and on-premise setup.

    What is a cloud-based contact center?

    As with any other contact center software, cloud contact centers facilitate communication between businesses and customers. The main difference is that you can access the system and interact with customers from anywhere using an internet connection.

    What is contact center as a service (CCaaS)?

    CCaaS is a software deployment model for contact centers.  In addition to combining multiple communication channels onto a single platform, it is cloud-based. You only pay a monthly subscription fee for the features and services you need.

    How does a cloud contact center improve the customer experience?

    Cloud contact centers help your business provide the best possible customer experience using a host of advanced features.  You can quickly answer inquiries, easily access data to serve callers better, provide 24/7 self-service options, provide different options to connect, and so much more.

    How does a cloud contact center work?

    A cloud contact center handles inbound and outbound customer communications via the internet and is not tied to any particular server or location. As it is a cloud-based system, your team can access it from anywhere. 

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