December 3, 2019

    Facilitating Global Business With Hosted Voice

    Conducting business over the phone under standard international dialing rates can cost even medium-sized businesses thousands of dollars per day. But international calls are often a necessary part of contemporary commerce. You know the clichés: “the world is like a village”, “global economy”, “globalization,” etc.

    Making and maintaining contacts with customers and suppliers across the globe is now an integral part of business, for organizations in all sectors. And technologies like cloud-based telephony are making international calls easier and more cost-effective than ever before.

    How the Hosted Voice Facilitates International Calls

    Historically, if you wanted to contact customers or suppliers overseas, you would have to rely on a hard-wired PBX in the particular countries concerned – each with its own associated costs and technical quirks.

    Hosted Voice or VoIP uses technology that routes all calls and voice data over the internet. So international calls use the same medium of transportation as local and long-distance communications. And internet telephony imposes call rates that are generally much lower than those of standard telecommunications systems.

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    Cloud-based technology has evolved to a level where voice quality is of the same standard as for traditional phones – and often better. So whether you’re speaking to someone in Tennessee or Thailand, they’ll be able to hear you equally as clearly. While it’s true that strong internet connectivity is a must, any organization with a connection fast enough to conduct their normal business can facilitate international calls using a cloud-based system.

    And with a cloud-based business phone system, you’ll be able to enjoy an extensive range of features such as enhanced call management, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), call queues, voicemail to email transcription, distinctive ring setting, call logging, call recording, and reporting – both within and outside your home country.

    Virtual Phone Numbers And Local Presence

    One of the core facilitators of international calling is the virtual phone number. These act just like regular phone numbers, and are accessible from mobile phones, landlines, desktop VoIP phones, or any device with authorized access to your IP system.

    You can assign virtual phone numbers to each user or office. For international calls, the numbers will follow the traditional country code standards of whatever region they’re operating in, essentially acting as a local phone number for that geographic area. This enables you to establish a localized presence for your business, no matter the country. It also prevents callers in different regions from becoming confused or discouraged when they see an obscure foreign country code associated with your company’s phone number.

    Toll-Free For Greater Access

    You can extend your reach within the countries you have dealings with by using virtual phone numbers to set up toll-free access for your customers and partners. High-end business voice systems will provide toll-free inbound calling lines, with codes specific to each region. This enables people within each country to call you, without having to incur long-distance phone charges.

    Facilitating Your International Calls

    With a worldwide infrastructure, points of presence, connectivity, and local staff for a truly global offering, net2phone provides unlimited calling to over 30 international countries. Offering a full suite of high-quality, low-cost, Voice Over IP solutions in over 160 nations worldwide, net2phone hosts over 33 billion international minutes annually.

    Support is available 24/7  and an extensive network of local support staff drawing from the resources of net2phone’s high-performance data centers throughout the US, South America, Europe, and Asia. A 95% first call resolution rate owes much to the local know-how, dedication, and passion of over 1,300 employees in 23 countries and 6 continents.

    Backed by IDT’s Global Network capability, net2phone has over 25 years of experience in providing the most efficient and reliable quality voice and communications services. net2phone’s feature-rich, proprietary platform offers unmatched value and services – all within a single price point.

    If you’re engaged in international trade, looking to branch out, or would simply like to know more about how net2phone’s solution can help facilitate your global business, speak to a net2phone expert.





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