April 23, 2021

    Net2Phone vs Nextiva. 4 Reasons To Choose Net2Phone



    You have choices--Yes! Those choices can seem very daunting especially when considering which company net2phone vs Nextiva fits your business communication needs at the organizational level while also being super simple to use.

    Net2Phone vs Nextiva

    When it comes to making the choice between Nextiva and net2phone, we’re rightfully biased when we say that for VoIP or cloud communications, or if you’re in the market for unified communications, net2phone is the better choice. Here are four reasons why. 

    VoIP Experience and International Reach

    For starters, net2phone has over 30 years of experience in the VOIP, cloud PBX, and Unified Communications industry - the most of any other UC provider, including Nextiva who has less than half the years.  We also have an extensive reach expanding six continents in 23 countries. We think globally but act locally. This gives us the ability to not only serve customers in those countries, but also offer our US-based customers free unlimited calling.  We aren’t talking just local and long-distance BUT also international (mind-blown!) 

    net2phone Initial Cost vs Nextiva

    Nextiva pricing starts at $23.95 per month per user depending on the term length, the number of users, and the features, and... not to mention the 3rd party add ons and conferencing (you get the picture). You shouldn’t need a math degree to figure out what your communications system will cost.  Remember the old saying “just keep it simple”?  net2phone has an easy-to-understand, super simplistic pricing structure and includes many features right into the base pricing. Plus, we grow with you!  As you add more users, net2phone offers a better deal. 

    net2phone Features vs Nextiva

    So yes, in addition to better pricing, we also offer features more in line with your business communication needs (and budget) including free phone rentals. Rentals are an additional cost with Nextiva. Some of our notable features include native integration capabilities, such as with Salesforce, Slack and Microsoft Teams, and a receptionist console that makes it easy for operators, and office admins to manage large call volumes.  Simply put, you get more features with net2phone - for less.

    Support, Product Guides, and Training

    Let’s talk Support. It's something we take very seriously at net2phone.  The customer experience is always a top priority for us.  So how do we compare?  net2phone has 24/7/365 US-based support while many Nextiva customers have experienced having to leave a voicemail and then wait for support to get back to them. Not the white-glove level of support you should receive.  net2phone’s support is live and offered by phone, email, or even live chat for a true white-glove, concierge experience.

    Then there is training. While Nextiva has a dedicated resource section on their website with plenty of training materials, net2phone likes to go one step further.  We offer ongoing, on-demand, and 1-on-1 FREE comprehensive training by our Customer Success Team.  Beyond live, always available training, net2phone delivers client knowledge through several additional options, including insightful articles, case studies, user guides, training videos, FAQs, regular webinars, a dedicated knowledge base, and support page plus our 24-hour toll-free helpline. Every customer gets a dedicated onboarding specialist who will make sure you are set up for success. 

    So the choice is yours. When you look whom to trust for your business communications needs, we say go with net2phone--a more mature but agile VoIP pioneer and innovator that offers an amazing customer experience and is always there for support.  

    If you still need help deciding, let’s talk.

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