Case Study Siperstein Dermatology Group

    The Siperstein Dermatology Group was experiencing a period of rapid growth and their communications technology couldn't keep up. net2phone satisfied all the criteria they found crucial: excellent local support, a dedicated account manager, an easy-to-read the bill, and competitive pricing.


    About Siperstein Dermatology

    The Siperstein Dermatology Group is a multi-provider practice serving Southern Palm Beach County, specializing in medical and cosmetic dermatology. The doctors of the Siperstein Dermatology Group have a comprehensive medical background and are experts in a variety of challenging medical conditions, surgical procedures, and advanced techniques. Trained at the nation’s top institutes, the Siperstein Dermatology Group staff have many years of combined experience in various procedures and ensure better care quality, the highest-standards of safety procedures, and the best possible results for their patients.

    The Challenge

    The Siperstein Dermatology Group was experiencing a period of rapid growth, nearly doubling the size of their team to over 90 employees in 4 years. While business growth brought about many opportunities, it also came with its challenges - particularly with their medical office phone system. For years, they were relying on a phone service plan that offered limited functionality outside of the rudimentary business calling features but suited their basic business needs. It was announced that their phone service provider was acquired by a larger telecommunications organization. The acquisition, they were told, promised to deliver greater feature functionality, improved service reliability, and unparalleled support. What they experienced was the opposite.

    An offshored and difficult-to-reach support team, unpredictable on-hold times, and faulty service were just the start of the onslaught of challenges. But it was a routine update that left them with a 6-day service outage that forced the Siperstein Dermatology Group to find a new business phone solution. For one week, patient calls were unanswered, voicemails went unreturned, and conference calls were abandoned, simply because of an unreliable service provider. For an organization whose clients expect the highest-quality service, the outage not only hindered their ability to connect to important patients but ultimately impacted their brand’s reputation.

    Desperate to get back online, the Siperstein Dermatology Group began searching for a business VoIP provider that could promise two things: service reliability, and good customer support. They looked to their Technology Consultants at ACE Technology Advisors to lead the way.

    Once Lou DiMuzio and the team from ACE were engaged with Siperstein Dermatology Group, they realized the very bad experience they had with their previous provider. Lou knew they needed a change and a strong provider to cure the problems they were having. After doing the much needed diligence of finding solid solution providers, Lou was able to whittle their search down to three service providers that offered similar products and prices, but it was net2phone’s quick responsiveness and one-on-one approach to onboarding that made the decision to move to net2phone easy. Beyond the responsiveness, net2phone also satisfied all the criteria the Siperstein Dermatology Group found crucial: Domestic Support, a Dedicated Account Manager, an Easy to Read Bill, Competitive Pricing and Excellent Local Support from ACE.

    The Solution

    The net2phone onboarding team, the Siperstein Dermatology Group, and ACE Technology Advisors, worked in tandem to facilitate the much-anticipated transition. The Siperstein Dermatology Group was in the midst of an office move, but needed to adhere to their former provider’s termination date to ensure they wouldn’t be cut off from service. These two obstacles alone made them fear that they would have to push their deployment of their new solution but net2phone was determined to have them up and running, and fast.

    net2phone and the team from ACE, worked diligently to ensure everything was covered proactively. Each extension and call group was pre-aligned properly and the phones were provisioned, programmed, and ready to go. Because of this great teamwork, what usually is a 30 day process was executed perfectly in just two days. And, net2phone was able to port the existing business phone number over to the new service, deploy the devices in their office and then port them to their new office location all within one week.

    Through net2phone’s solution, every user is granted access to a personal client portal. Individual users can control their own settings, check voicemails, and update messaging, while management has access to innovative analytics tools, can oversee system usage, and quickly adapt their system to meet their business needs. The entire healthcare VoIP phone system can be accessed through the online portal available on a desktop or mobile device, with all call data and important patient information securely stored in data centres. Although the platform itself is intuitive to use, net2phone provides comprehensive training to each client to ensure they are prepared to optimize their new solution. Within one day, net2phone provided one-on-one training to every remote worker, and both office locations to ensure everybody was up and running.

    net2phone’s commitment to client success doesn’t end at onboarding. Following the initial setup, the Siperstein Dermatology Group was assigned a net2phone Customer Success Manager. net2phone Customer Success Managers serve as a resource for clients, providing technical assistance and ongoing training tailored to their needs. Knowing that they are supported by a team of business phone service experts that remain available to them 24/7, the Siperstein Dermatology Group operates with the peace of mind in knowing that their customer calls will never go unanswered again.

    “Our net2phone Onboarding specialist was on the phone with each employee, walking them through the solution, answering questions, and ensuring every user felt confident in using the platform. I have no words. It was the best experience possible and our team was ecstatic with the level of support.”

    Naomi Wray, Cosmetic Surgery Consultant & Administrative Operations Manager