October 1, 2015

    Why Be a Broadband Telephony Reseller?

    In the past few years we’ve seen residential broadband speeds increase and more and more people get access to superfast, fiber broadband. This has enabled a whole host of new services to emerge, such as streaming video apps, the cloud for consumers and more. We’ve seen a shift too in the way that consumers access and use telephony services. Where once everyone had a ‘landline’ now we are more reliant on mobile and many of us use VoIP.

    This means that the consumer now has much more choice and power in how they purchase broadband and telephony services. For the broadband reseller, IT support company or consultancy, this can offer a means to further grow their business through reselling broadband telephony solutions to residential customers.

    Reselling VoIP as Home Telephone

    For consumers, it’s often cheaper to make calls using VoIP, especially if they make a lot of long distance or international calls. If you’re already a broadband reseller, then you can add further value to your bundled packages by offering VoIP as well. As it works on a subscription basis, this means that there’s the potential to add ongoing monthly revenue to each and every customer that you have.

    Further to this, you won’t need to take on any additional staff to support or serve VoIP to your customers, as it’s a plug and play product. Customers simply need a VoIP enabled handset in order to access the service.

    Customers might need a VoIP adapter to put on the phone line, as well as a handset, but they could equally choose to use a ‘softphone’ on their PC. This takes the form of a simple app that allows them to call out using their computer.

    Customer Savings

    There are plenty of benefits for you, the reseller, but there are also many benefits for your customers too.

    These include:

    • Calling plans which allow customers to makes calls all over the world for a set monthly cost.
    • Pay-as-you-go pricing for low rates per minute.
    • No connection, access or maintenance fees.

    The main benefit to the customer lies in cost. When compared to traditional telephone calls, VoIP calls are much less expensive, especially when it comes to calling internationally. This means that not only can you offer your customers reduced costs, but you can boost your business and enable growth through recurring subscription costs.

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