December 12, 2023

    A Recap of Our Virtual Partner Summit 2023: Connect. Collaborate. Elevate

    Lights, camera… Action! 

    Last week marked an incredible milestone as we hosted our first-ever Virtual Partner Summit, a three-day extravaganza filled with conferences, workshops, and roundtable discussions. 

    Our meeting room underwent a stunning transformation into a TED-conference-meets-Hollywood set, all prepped to host over 20 live sessions featuring more than 25 speakers, all eager to share their knowledge and insights. With just a simple click, the virtual doors were opened to more than 300 enthusiastic net2phone partners, leading them into a realm of knowledge, collaboration, and collective success.

    Virtual partner summit 2023

    Our aim? To forge stronger connections across Latin America and Spain, uniting with our partners for an immersive three-day virtual experience. It was an opportunity for resellers to rub digital shoulders, dive into diverse conferences and workshops spotlighting the imminent launch of uContact’s new version, and catch an exclusive sneak peek of our thrilling plans for 2024.

    This wasn’t your run-of-the-mill meeting – it was a symphony of creativity, technology, and partnership.

    Day 1: Setting the Scene

    Day 1 kicked off with Jonah Fink, president of net2phone, offering a whirlwind recap of 2023 and, with a nod to the audience, emphasizing partners as the cornerstone of our success. Following him, Ignacio Urchipia, CCaaS Regional Sales Director, delved into our 2024 partner strategies.  

    Then, Santiago Beltran and Isabel Pick stole the show with a game-changing masterclass on how to pitch uContact through a consultative lens. Meaning, from a customer-centric POV. Wrapping up the morning on a high note was Henry González (CEO of Virtual Technology), who flew directly from Colombia to share rich insights from his long journey with uContact. 

    Virtual partner summit 2023 day 1

    Post-lunch, Sergio Mora, Director of UC Smart Business, shared years’ worth of experience working with our solution, flying in directly from Costa Rica. To cap off the day, we held an insightful roundtable discussion among Latin American sales directors. Moderated by Kevin Lerke, Ignacio Urchipia, Fabio Szuldiner, Marcos Laplacette, Norberto Chaffer, Eliseu Carnizello, David Modiano, and Jonathan García shared their different perspectives on partner collaboration. 

    Day 2: Lights, Camera, uContact

    Day two shifted the spotlight to the highly anticipated new version of uContact. Santiago Viglione, Director of Engineering, set the tone by unveiling key 2023 developments and teasing an exclusive sneak peek into the upcoming version. Carina Soca and Santiago Montero followed suit, diving deep into the imminent changes that promise to revolutionize how our clients shape customer experiences (CX). 

    Virtual partner summit 2023 day 2

    Post-networking coffee break time, live workshops stole the stage. Franco Campanella introduced us to uCode, uContact’s new integrated development environment (IDE) for form design, showcasing its simplicity and flexibility with a real-time form creation. Then, Juan Pedro Veiga took the reins, leading a hands-on workshop on crafting IVR and bot flows using the new version’s low-code workflow designer.

    Germán Martínez took the spotlight for the day’s grand finale, unveiling Wallboards – an analytics gem in uContact’s upcoming new version. Through a practical workshop and a live example, partners experienced firsthand the power of creating tailored dashboards and analytic panels personalized to the company’s specific needs and operations. 

    Day 3: Learning from the Big Screen

    The final day started with a live success story from Mauricio Coronel, CEO of Clever Ideas and uContact partner, who flew all the way from Mexico to share his experiences and lessons learned from implementing the solution across different industries and countries. Ramiro Pereyra, uContact’s Customer Support and Customer Success Manager, followed his steps with a masterclass on how to build standout customer service teams that go above and beyond. 

    A special highlight was the remote appearance of Néstor Spedalieri, Google Cloud’s Customer Engineer, shedding light on Google Cloud’s security and availability and the benefit of being Google Cloud Partners with uContact. 

    Virtual partner summit 2023 day 3

    Post-lunch, partners were treated to practical guides: Eduardo Elizondo discussed client onboarding processes with uContact, while Maximiliano Bacci focused on customized development requests. And the strawberry on top was Enzo Pelizzari, who followed with an exclusive first look at uContact’s new in-house CRM software.

    And the people responsible for closing not only day three but also the summit altogether were Henry González and Clara Roldan (net2phone’s Account Executive, CCaas). Together, they shared key insights for selling uContact to BPOs, cementing a relationship that began years ago. 

    A Summit of Connections, Collaboration, and Insights for the Future

    As the curtains drew to a close on our remarkable Virtual Partner Summit, it felt like wrapping up a blockbuster – full of excitement, discoveries, and some serious bonding. From all the engaging conferences and networking spaces to the hands-on workshops, every moment painted a vivid picture of teamwork and growth. 

    Virtual partner summit 2023 conclusion

    We strolled through insights, got our hands on new tools, and solidified connections that will hopefully shape our future collaborations.

    Until next time – let’s keep these connections buzzing and innovation rolling! 

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