March 26, 2024

    How BPM Consulting Achieved Digital Transformation in its Operations


    In today's accelerated business world, customer service is a cornerstone for the success of any company.

    In this context, BPM Consulting solutions and contact centers play a fundamental role. BPM Consulting, a company with vast experience in providing comprehensive and customized Business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions to optimize business processes, has been exploring different ways to enhance its customer service.

    To gain a more detailed insight into how the company tackles this challenge, we had the opportunity to talk to Carolina Mancera, Deputy General Manager of BPM Consulting, who told us how they achieved digital transformation in record time, migrating 700 employees from their previous Contact Center solution to uContact.


    Carolina is a prominent professional in the field of project management and business processes, with an academic background that includes a Directive Development Program (PDD) from INALDE Business School and a specialization in Industrial Engineering and Project Management.

    Carolina shares her experience working with uContact, and how she has transformed her approach to customer service.

    Insights into Digital Transformation

    Interviewer: How would you describe the digital transformation process carried out by BPM Consulting?

    Carolina: The leap to the cloud and omnichannel resulted in a more efficient and cohesive customer service, as customers could interact with the company through multiple channels - whether by phone, email, live chat, or social media - without interruption.

    In addition, the transition to the cloud allowed our contact center to quickly implement new updates and functionalities, ensuring we’re always at the forefront of customer service innovation. This successful digital transformation not only improved the customer experience, but also boosted the efficiency and productivity of the contact center.

    Interviewer: What was the main challenge BPM Consulting faced in carrying out this digital transformation process?

    Carolina: Our main challenge was to find a solution that would allow us to implement quickly and agilely, especially since we mainly work with clients who require us to be agile, fast, and innovative.

    Interviewer: Why did you choose uContact?

    Carolina: We evaluated most of the tools available in the market and chose uContact for its high degree of autonomy in customizing the solution. The support of the uContact team during the migration of our entire operation in record time was also critical. I would like to highlight the support of the local net2phone partner in Colombia, Virtual BPO, who brings their know-how to the business and continues to support us in our growth.

    Interviewer: What do you value most about working with uContact?

    Carolina: Without a doubt, I value the reciprocity of the uContact development team when requirements, suggestions, or changes are raised. Additionally, the warmth of the team, the good system stability thanks to the partnership with Google Cloud, and the ability to separate instances are other notable aspects. Local attention and support in Colombia are very important.

    Interviewer: Did you work with any other solution for contact centers before choosing uContact?

    Carolina: Yes, we previously worked with inConcert.

    Interviewer: What are the main differences you find between uContact and inConcert?

    Carolina: One of the main differences is the degree of autonomy and customization that uContact allows. With inConcert, it took us a long time to deliver any implementation that was wanted to be carried out on the solution. The stability of the platform and its robustness is a differentiating factor. In addition to this, the ease of use of uContact and the human team, which has accompanied us throughout the process.

    Interviewer: What features of uContact do you find most useful for BPM and why?

    Carolina: The development tools are very useful for BPM, as they are truly low-code and allow creating or adjusting workflows in a language understandable to almost anyone with basic programming/technology knowledge. We also highly value the quality module based on COPC standards, as we can count on everything in a single platform. The unified inbox for interactions has served us to centralize all channels at a single point.

    Interviewer: What has been your experience during the implementation of uContact at BPM Consulting?

    Carolina: Our experience has been very satisfactory. We needed to migrate in record time and we achieved it thanks to the support of the uContact team. Despite the challenges, we have felt very supported throughout the process, and this is fundamental to achieving a successful transformation.

    Embrace Digital Excellence with uContact

    As you've just heard from Carolina Mancera, Deputy General Manager of BPM Consulting, the journey towards digital transformation in customer service was not just about upgrading technology but also about finding a partner that understands the need for agility, customization, and support.

    If you're looking to revolutionize your customer service operations like BPM Consulting did, consider exploring uContact. With its seamless migration process, robust features, and unparalleled support, uContact stands out as a top choice for companies striving to enhance their customer experiences while boosting efficiency and productivity.

    Don't just take our word for it—take the first step towards transforming your customer service today. Reach out to uContact and discover how you can elevate your business to new heights. Your customers deserve the best, and uContact can help you deliver just that.

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