September 21, 2023

    Cloud, AI, and Customer Experience: Highlights from IT Now's #TechDays

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    “Unforgettable”. That's how Ignacio Urchipia describes our participation in the Tech Day event tour. During these past five months, we embarked on a whirlwind adventure that left us inspired.

    Where did this tour take us? First stop: Costa Rica in May. Then, Guatemala in June, and El Salvador and Nicaragua in July, we stopped by Panama in August. and, last but not least, the Dominican Republic in September. 

    But what made this journey extraordinary wasn't only the places we visited, but more so the take-aways we got. Connecting with experts, discovering the latest trends, visiting clients and partners – and more.

    Get ready to dive deep into the juicy insights and takeaways that left a lasting impact on us. Are you ready?

    1. Breaking Barriers: The Power of Omnichannel Experiences

    The whole Tech Day Tour reminded us time and time again of the impact of omnichannel strategies. In particular when it has to do with crafting unforgettable customer experiences.

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    Our very own superstar, Clara Roldán, kicked off the discussion in Costa Rica. With a captivating conference, she shared the growing importance of seamless customer experiences.

    In her words, with this approach "Agents won't need to juggle user interactions in various tabs". Allowing them to be more efficient and ensure a consistent, seamless experience across every channel.

    Following her steps, Santiago Beltrán took the spotlight in El Salvador and Nicaragua. During his conference, he emphasized on the significance of omnichannel customer journeys.

    And boy, did he rock the stage! If you missed his engaging interview, you better catch it here.

    These thought-provoking conferences acted as catalysts, igniting our drive to continue to break down barriers and create a cohesive customer experience that transcends individual touchpoints.

    2. AI & Cloud: The ‘Dynamic Duo’ of Customer Experience

    Another takeaway from these events is the transformative power of cloud-based solutions when combined with Artificial Intelligence.

    This dynamic duo join forces to help delve into customer needs and desires. And knowing what your customers want means you can better tailor your interactions.

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    In another riveting session, Santiago Beltrán brought a panel of experts to the stage:

    Arte Panel uContact IT Now Guatemala

    Together, they delved deep into the boundless potential of AI and the cloud. Also, they shared the secrets of building personalized interactions to boost customer relationships.

    Tech Day

    From intelligent algorithms to automation and data analysis, AI solutions unlock infinite possibilities. Boost customer relationship management by combining the power of the cloud and AI. 

    3. Personalization: The Magic Formula for Delighting Customers

    During the events, our CX experts Santiago Beltrán, Isabel Pick, and Ignacio Urchipia offered exclusive consultancy spaces for anyone interested. There, we offered personalized advice and guidance on creating memorable customer experiences.

    Throughout these workshops, there was one concept that always made itself present: personalization. So, we've reached the clear conclusion that it's still key when engaging customers.  

    It's the way a brand makes you feel that keeps you coming back. Creating interactions that go beyond mere transactions and make you feel unique.

    With the right technology, personalization is easy and right at your fingertips. Gather customer information integrating a CRM system, and embrace the power of data.

    Personalize interactions and connect with your clients on a deeper level. 

    4. The Value of Face-To-Face: The Magic of In-Person Networking

    All the Tech Day events served as a reminder of the irreplaceable value of live connections. More so after a global pandemic where screens dominated our interactions.

    That's one of the main takeaways that Santiago Beltrán reflected on after this experience. Being able to connect with experts, engage in meaningful conversations, and connect in-person.

    IT Nows  TechDays

    "This renewed our appreciation for live events", he shared. 

    Being able to be part of the Connecta B2B Tech Day tour was nothing short of extraordinary. Each moment will hold a special place in our memories and contribute to our growth as CX experts.

    "These events aren't only about opening doors, they're about shattering barriers and taboos''. That's what our Partner, Sergio Mora Montenegro, had to say.

    More exciting things are coming our way, and it's gonna be epic! 

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