October 25, 2016

    5 Ways a VoIP Solution Will Positively Impact Your Company

    Whether you’re a growing business looking to break free of the limitations of traditional telephony or an established enterprise seeking to expand your reach, you may be one of the many companies considering a move to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to power your communications. In this article we’ll discuss five reasons why such a move would be a wise one.

    1. Reduced Costs

    Especially with a hosted VoIP solution, there’s no big outlay for exchange hardware or wiring. Installation is quick and easy — and you’ll usually be able to use your existing office equipment. As much of the VoIP system is software-based and remotely managed, you’ll save on maintenance and administration, too.

    VoIP makes it possible for long-distance and international communications to take place over the same digital medium as local calls, resulting in significant savings on call charges.

    2. Greater Mobility and Flexibility

    VoIP subscriptions typically allow you to increase or reduce the number of lines you need dynamically, without having to spend initially for lines you may not actually use. Systems run on office desktop phones and on smartphones and tablets, via dedicated mobile apps.

    So you can alter the amounts and assignments of lines as circumstances change and your staff turns over, and provide your mobile or remote workers with a fully featured telecommunications system that’s indistinguishable from your headquarters set-up.

    3. A Higher-Profile More Professional Look

    VoIP systems offer a broad range of telecoms features including auto-attendants (virtual receptionists), call waiting, music on hold, find and follow, the transcription of voicemail to email, and virtual conferencing. All are within the one affordable monthly subscription, allowing even the smallest enterprise to enjoy the functionality once reserved for huge corporations — and to customize those features to present a higher-profile image to customers and partners.

    4. Integrated Applications and Greater Efficiency

    VoIP’s conversion of voice signals into digital information allows users to combine phone calls, multimedia conferencing and messaging, office productivity software, and collaboration tools on the one digital platform. This enables workers to perform multiple tasks within the one suite of familiar applications — and from the one desktop or mobile device.

    This helps businesses to streamline and optimize their operations, and makes it easier to maintain a consistent approach to operations, administration and marketing. Greater efficiency and productivity result — and this translates into greater profits.

    5. Detailed Reporting and Analytics

    VoIP systems provide a range of monitoring tools, so that call transcripts, statistics on incoming and outgoing calls, call durations, where calls are routed, and who answered them may be analyzed for staff performance assessments and training, and to enhance support services and your overall customer experience.

    The results of this reporting and analysis can help improve customer retention, highlight problem issues or plus points in your operations, and reveal potential new opportunities.

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