March 26, 2018

    How to Make Sure You’re Deploying the Best Telecom Solution

    It’s accepted wisdom now that the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) of yesteryear, or even the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) of more recent times are no longer the cutting edge technologies required for success in today’s digital economy.

    As support for these systems is being not so gradually phased out, businesses are faced with the task of preparing now, for the telecoms solution most likely to reap dividends for them in the near and more distant future.

    In making that choice, there are several factors to consider, which we shall be looking at in order to assist you in deploying the best possible telecoms solution for 2018 and beyond.

    Make Sure You Have A Plan

    Keeping in mind that your telecommunications system has to play an integral part in your day to day operations and the achievement of your larger business objectives, you’ll need to draw up a blueprint for how the telecoms solution that you go for should perform, in both of these respects.

    This will require you to make a thorough assessment of your existing telecoms infrastructure, the size of your workforce, your anticipated needs, methods of deployment (mobile, cloud, on premises, etc.), and any other relevant considerations.

    Make Sure You Can Manage The Money

    Consider your available resources, and draw up a budget for the scheme – both in terms of the installation and set-up costs, and the ongoing or longer term expenses associated with your chosen telecoms solution.

    If you aren’t already aware of the potential savings, you should note at this point that a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) based phone system will typically produce reductions in expenditure of upwards of 50% over a traditional telephone network. In fact, a business VoIP phone service hosted in the cloud by net2phone could bring you savings of up to 70% on your existing communications costs.

    Eliminating the need for the purchase, installation, and maintenance of on-site hardware, the shift in management responsibility to your telecoms provider, and the reduction in call rates due to transmission of voice data via Internet Protocol are all factors which should be reckoned into the plus side of your balance sheet, in this regard.

    Make Sure The System Meets Your Business Needs

    Take a close look at your business objectives and preferred working practices, when evaluating the range of telephony features on offer. If voice and call-handling are more vital to your business than more text-based methods of communication for example, make sure that the solution you choose has a comprehensive set of voice features – and the assurance that data throughput on your provider’s voice network will be of the highest quality.

    Make Sure You Have The Right Partner

    For reasons already stated, a hosted telecoms solution based in the cloud delivers considerable benefits to business users – so long as you partner with a service provider that understands your needs, can guarantee top-notch guidance and support from initial set-up through the duration of your contract, and has access to an ecosystem of supply chain partners capable of delivering any ancillary or value added services that you may require.


    You’ll be glad to know that net2phone qualifies on all of these counts – and you can contact them now, to learn more.




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