November 4, 2021

    4 Reasons Why Verizon Customers Switch to net2phone Cloud Communications


    With over 30 years in the VoIP and unified communications (UC) space, net2phone delivers on the promise of driving your business success through smarter conversations. As you’re considering making the switch from on-premise to cloud communications, we are rightfully biased for these five reasons that net2phone is the better choice.

    Cloud Communications Pricing

    Verizon's pricing structure is complicated. Browsing through the Verizon business digital voice offering, it is different to quickly understand how much you will end up paying for the service. The offer and pricing details are tucked away in a pop-up sub-page, and the language used is quite technical. The Business Digital Voice service also requires a customer to provide their own phone equipment with pricing starting at $85.00. 

    In contrast, net2phone has a transparent pricing structure. For example, customers can get the n2p Essentials plus plan for over 20 employees for only $21.99 a month which includes many advanced features and hardware.

    Business Communication Specialization

    Verizon is not a specialist in VOIP, cloud PBX, or Unified Communications, like net2phone. Verizon specializes in wireless 4G LTE communications. In contrast, net2phone is a specialist in this UC sector and offers a wide range of value-added VOIP, cloud PBX, and Unified Communications features. These include but are not limited to:

    • Huddle Video conferencing
    • Reporting & Analytics
    • Skills-based routing
    • Receptionist console
    • Custom API integration capabilities
    • Integration with MS Teams, Zoho, Salesforce, Slack, and more

    Quality Issues

    Over the years, there have been complaints about Verizon's network quality. Many of the complaints relate to dropped VoIP calls. The reviews are available at several VOIP review websites, while net2phone prides itself on having up to  99.99% uptime average and has a consistent positive rating at independent review websites. 

    Privacy Violations

    Security is of the utmost importance to net2phone which is why we make sure that not only do we participate in many different compliances and certifications, but we go above and beyond to make sure your data and privacy are protected. 

    Protecting your best interests is always top of mind for net2phone, unlike our competitor Verizon who has been involved in practices that violated customer trust. In one 2014 instance, the company tracked users using a technology known as Deep Packet Inspection. The exact tracking mechanism involved the injection of a customer-unique ID field which critics later dubbed a "supercookie." This tracker allowed the company to read device information, see which websites customers visited, and understand their interests. Verizon intended to gather sufficient data about their customers to expand their advertising program. The tracker was so powerful that customers had no way of evading it. It reportedly even ignored "Do not track" browser settings.

    net2phone does not track customers, sell their information, and complies strictly with Internet Privacy Laws. We also pride ourselves on taking extra precautions to keep you and your company protected. net2phone Huddle is built on an encrypted platform with password protection for both users and guests. With a grade A from SSL Labs, net2phone Huddle makes sure we provide our users with a safe and secure video platform. 

    Get a secure unified communications system you can rely on. Contact net2phone today to see how we can responsibly enhance your business conversations. 

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