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    HIPAA Compliant Phone Service

    Discover the cost-effective, reliable, HIPAA-compatible VoIP phone service for medical offices. Talk, message and meet using a safe and secure communication platform

    HIPAA compliant VoIP

    HIPAA-Compliant Communication System

    Provide a better patient calling experience with a reliable and flexible phone system from net2phone.

    Stay in touch with patients, consultants, and your most important suppliers anytime & anywhere with a healthcare ready HIPAA-compliant unified communications platform.

    Doctors use VoIP phone system for calling, messaging and video conferencing on the smartphone, tablet and laptop

    HIPAA-Compliant Phone Service Makes Sense

    Choose a HIPAA-Compliant VoIP phone solution that supports your practice and your patients.

    Better Healthcare Administration

    Spend less time on administrative tasks with advanced VoIP phone features like auto-attendant, call routing and menu options. Our unified communications platform combines VoIP phone, video, and messaging into one streamlined solution so that you can get the most from your communication system.

    You can integrate your CRM, ERP and other productivity apps with your phone system so that healthcare administrators have always have access to the information they need

    net2phone's VoIP solution connects administrators and patients

    A Patient-First Approach 

    With net2phone, you can easily send patients alerts, notifications, and reminders. You can reduce wait times and improve responsiveness by using features that will enhance call handling and messaging.

    Keep your focus on patient well-being by providing rapid test results, billing support and feedback options. 

    Doctor message the patient with VoIP healthcare system

    Healthcare Ready HIPAA-Compliant Communication Platmorm

    The main benefits of net2phone's HIPAA compliant unified communications platform for small healthcare practices and enterprise-size medical offices include remote consultation, mobility, call handling, account processing, IVR system, video conferencing & video consultation, information dissemination & alerts, and money saving.

    Presence & Mobility

    Stay flexible and mobile with the net2phone business phone app. Medical staff can stay connected from anywhere, anytime, using smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

    Presence features allow you to monitor the status of healthcare staff, including emergency response team members. By viewing staff statuses, dispatchers and administrators can easily coordinate duties.  Status options include "On Call," "Do Not Disturb," "In Transit" and more. 

    Call Handling

    Provide round-the-clock accessibility to patients and stakeholders with call center capabilities. Advanced call-handling features, like auto-attendant and intelligent routing,  help you provide a better call experience. Handle simultaneous calls and high call volumes while continuously providing the best quality of care. 

    Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

    IVR will free up administrative staff time. Your system automatically answers calls, presents a menu, and routes calls. Your callers can be routed to the right person or department, placed in a call queue or sent to a voicemail box.

    IVR menu options allow patients to access information like specialist availability, test results and more without needing to speak to anyone.

    Increase Patient Satisfaction

    Improve your caller experience with call features such as call queueing, call routing, and call transfers. You’ll ensure no call goes unanswered and that your caller gets the answers they need without unnecessary wait times. 

    Video Conferencing

    Use net2phone’s password-protected, encrypted, and secure videoconferencing tool Huddle for business meetings and mentorship. You have the flexibility to use a laptop, desktop or mobile device. 

    Information Dissemination & Alerts

    Working in healthcare, you may need to broadcast reminders, alerts and emergency information in real-time. You can integrate the net2phone phone system with on-premises hardware like buzzers, alarms, and public address systems, so you’re always prepared.

    Availability & Business Continuity

    Healthcare facilities must remain available to stakeholders, no matter what. With local business phone numbers and call routing ensure staff remains accessible wherever they are.

    Natural disasters or events that affect network connectivity can be handled with failover options, such as transferring calls to mobile phones.

    Saving Money

    VoIP has significant cost benefits for medical practices. Unlike traditional landline systems, you do not need to purchase, manage, or maintain your on-premise phone system. Healthcare facilities, hospitals, and doctors can take advantage of net2phone's cost-effective and innovative VoIP solutions.

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    Improve patient-practice communication with a communication system for healthcare.

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    HIPAA-compliant VoIP Communications Provider

    As a leading enterprise VoIP provider, net2phone ensures its packages comply with HIPAA regulations. Our HIPAA-compliant phone service, with call recording, voicemail, and voicemail transcription features, safeguards patients’ valuable data

    Telemedicine Secure Telemedicine With HIPAA-compliant VoIP phone service, keep doctor-patient conversations secure and ensure complete privacy and confidentiality.
    Fax Encrypted Fax Our secure virtual fax conceals personal and private information, so that patient information remains confidential.
    Phone Voicemail & Call Recording HIPAA-eligible voicemail service protects your voicemail messages and transcriptions. Record essential information and access it at any time.
    Security Protocol HIPAA & BAA Compliant net2phone ensures we have record policies on the handling of information deemed to be sensitive as well as conducting HIPAA training with our staff. In order to ensure compliance and protect your healthcare practice, we will also sign a business associate agreement (BAA).

    HIPAA-Compliant Phone Service FAQ

    What is HIPAA?

    HIPAA - The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996– is a federal law that led to the creation of national standards to protect sensitive patient health information from being used or disclosed for impermissible purposes.

    What is a HIPAA-compliant phone service?

    A HIPAA-compliant phone service must meet all the requirements of HIPAA guidelines to ensure the complete privacy and confidentiality of patients’ data. It must follow three core tenets of HIPAA:

    • Privacy
    • Security
    • Breach Notification


    Is net2phone a HIPAA-compliant VoIP provider?

    Absolutely yes! Here at net2phone, we take our responsibilities regarding customer data extremely seriously which is why we launched a HIPAA compliance program for select net2phone communications and collaboration solutions.

    What is the pricing for HIPAA complaint phone service?

    All of the advantages of the net2phone's HIPAA complaint VoIP are included in a low, flat monthly rate per user that is well below the cost of premise-based PBX services, affording businesses the opportunity to save over 60% on their business phone system costs.

    Contact us now to get a personal offer to cover your individual needs.

    What are the HIPAA-compliant VoIP requirements?

    HIPAA standardized the rules for the safe and secure collection and storage of sensitive patient data across a range of electronic communication types.

    HIPAA covers all  “Protected Health Information” held by most healthcare providers, including:

    • Name, address, date of birth, and social security number
    • Physical or mental health conditions
    • Any care provided to an individual
    • Payment and billing information

    What industries need to be HIPAA compliant?

    Not only healthcare providers themselves must comply with the regulations, but they also should work with communications suppliers that are HIPAA compatible in order to safeguard sensitive patient data.

    This means people working in the healthcare sector must be incredibly selective when choosing communication providers.

    It’s Time To Communicate Better With HIPAA-Compliant Communication Platmorm

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