November 11, 2020

    Importance of an Intuitive User Panel for a Business Phone System

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    Importance of an Intuitive User Panel for a Business Phone System

    When it comes to your business phone system, user experience (UX) is more important than you might think. Why? Because your employees need the right tools to do their job well. In business communications terms, the right tools are those that are intuitive and easy to use, eliminate unnecessary work and frustration, connect seamlessly to other business tools like your CRM, and make both internal and external communication more efficient and satisfying for both employees and customers. 

    In a nutshell, the user experience is vital to enterprises today, especially yours. UX extends to everything your employees interact with and, being one of the most-used business tools, that most certainly includes your business phone system. 

    It’s well understood that better UX design drives huge returns for a company – in fact, every $1 invested in UX brings $100 in return. 


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    This holds true for both customer-facing applications and those of internal operations. Why? Because internal experiences have an external impact. Your business phone system affects your people, your processes, your culture and your organization’s productivity. As such, it must be simple to use, yet have the functionality to handle complex tasks. 

    This means that the ideal business phone system will have an intuitive interface – complete with coherent navigation and user-centered design – that your employees not only understand but actively enjoy using. 


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    How Unified Communications Business Phone Systems Improve User Experience and Company Efficiency 

    Enterprise tools that are designed for a better user experience are more efficient and enjoyable to use – and that increases productivity, decreases employee turnover and ultimately saves money. 

    The reason is that well-designed tools reduce the time necessary to get things done and ensure work is performed without frustration, which increases employee satisfaction. 

    Today, the only business communications option that delivers these exceptional experiences is a cloud PBX unified communications system

    Traditional phone systems usually don’t have intuitive user panels and interfaces to help employees perform tasks. Cloud-based unified communications business phone systems, on the other hand, have intuitive, high-functioning interfaces. These allow users to access and control all internal and external communications easily from a simple-to-use interface that most people can get to grips with without any training. 

    This means that employees can sit down and take immediate advantage of unified communications features such as advanced call routing, presence information and instant messaging from a single display. 

    And that’s not the only area where unified communications business phone systems outshine traditional setups when it comes to elevating the user experience. Because UC systems are cloud-based, they can be easily integrated with other crucial business tools like your CRM system. This means that tasks like logging contact information into your CRM database are performed automatically – and every time the phone rings, the caller’s ID and personal information is displayed, making it easy to deliver an outstanding, personalized customer service.  

    In addition, call distribution on unified communications systems can be customized to streamline your operations beyond measure. For example, the system can gather information on the nature of incoming calls and then be configured to ring extensions in a specified order based on that information. It can even analyze which agents are available and then distribute calls to the right person with the right expertise without any internal intervention. 

    Manager and supervisor experiences are also improved through advanced analytics, so bottlenecks can be identified, employee performance monitored, trends determined, and training programs optimized. 

    Your business phone system is one of the most-used tools in your office – your employees use it every day, so it’s essential it offers the most intuitive and satisfying user experience technologically possible. net2phone’s cloud PBX unified communications solutions come with state-of-the-art desk phones with intuitive user panels, can integrate with hundreds of popular apps and software platforms, and provide robust analytics to help you maximize efficiency. 

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