October 27, 2023

    net2phone Unveils AI-Powered Solutions for Smarter Business Communications and Deeper Customer Engagement

    Newark, NJ – October 26, 2023  net2phone, a leading provider of intelligent communications-as-a-service for businesses and contact centers, today unveiled its innovative suite of AI-powered solutions, net2phone AI.

    net2phone AI is designed to transform the way businesses communicate with AI-powered insights, coaching, and automated workflows.

    “We are harnessing the power of generative AI to help businesses and contact centers drive immediate, quantifiable, and qualitative improvements in customer engagement and agent productivity,” said Dan Leubitz, net2phone’s VP of Product.

    “IT departments, managers, supervisors, and business owners will be delighted by our AI-powered call data and analysis features, which provide significantly improved performance metrics,” Leubitz added.

    When integrated within net2phone’s UNITE UCaaS and uContact CCaaS platforms, net2phone AI empowers businesses and call centers to optimize customer interactions, improve customer satisfaction, and significantly enhance productivity.

    Key functionalities of the fully deployed net2phone AI service include:

    Sentiment Analysis: Identifies emotions and sentiments expressed by the customer during a call through voice, tone and contextual analysis, to provide quantifiable feedback

    Automated Recording and Transcription: Records and transcribes phone calls.  Recordings and transcriptions can be replayed in full or at intervals

    Done-For-You Tasks: Drafts and prepares personalized follow-up emails after each call. The emails concisely summarize the contents of the call and next steps or to-do items to continue engagement with the customer

    Written Summary: Prepares a written summary of each call including main takeaways, action items, and next steps

    Coaching: Provides agents with suggestions for improvement based on call analysis;

    Deep Analytics: Captures and analyzes call data for insights into customer interaction and agent performance including call duration, words spoken per minute, agent-to-caller talk ratios, and overtalk incidents

    CRM Integration: Data collected by net2phone AI is synched into the CRM platform for seamless integration, data capture, and analysis.

    “net2phone AI paves the way for businesses and call centers of all sizes to enhance collaboration, productivity, customer satisfaction, and ROI,” said Jonah Fink, net2phone’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “Managers can access and harness the data and evaluations for comprehensive insights into customer interactions across platforms, resulting in increased customer retention and agent satisfaction rates.”

    net2phone AI operates in multiple languages, is available worldwide, and integrates with most widely-used CRM platforms and with most communications or voice platforms that accept API webhooks.  

    For a no-obligation demo, visit https://www.net2phone.com/features/net2phone-ai or email sales@net2phone.com.  

    About net2phone

    net2phone’s innovative cloud-based, unified communications as a service, contact center as a service and SIP trunking solutions help businesses around the globe succeed through smarter conversations with enhanced intelligence and insights.

    net2phone’s commitment to delivering reliable and high-quality communications services has earned it a reputation as a leader in both innovation and growth. net2phone is a subsidiary of IDT Corporation (NYSE: IDT).  

    To learn more, please visit net2phone.com or connect on LinkedIn.

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