June 12, 2017

    How Useful Is A Presence Panel For Visibility?

    Even in the largest organizations, contracts and projects are typically handled by a finite set of people – and it’s vital that these personnel can maintain contact with each other, and some awareness of what others are doing.

    If your workforce consists of a team(s) of several people, being aware of where the other members are and what they’re doing during the day can be pivotal to effective collaboration, interacting with customers and prospects, and overall business success. That’s where a presence panel can prove its worth.
    What’s A Presence Panel?

    A presence panel enables you to directly contact and keep track of a designated set of individuals in your organization. In essence, it’s a contact list with indicators beside each name that change to reflect their current state of availability. So you can see at a glance who’s free to do what.
    Keeping Track Of Your Colleagues

    The panel shows the real-time calling condition of colleagues on your phone network: Online, Offline, Busy, etc. Names may be displayed in a number or ways, to suit your screen size and preferred method of working. And there’s usually a Search function, so you can quickly find users by name.

    Knowing the call status of the people on your list empowers you to decide when it’s appropriate to call a particular person, and how best to relay or transfer incoming communications.
    Click To Call Convenience

    Making calls is a simple matter of clicking a button. Coupled with the name search and sorting facilities (which enable you to group extensions according to their current status), you can quickly determine whose line is busy, and who’s available to take a call – and you won’t have to waste time dialing to make the connection.
    Always Visible

    With a presence panel in place, you’ll always have instant access to a list of your favorite or most frequently used extensions. Having a visual indicator of the real-time status of your team can be a real time-saver, and with click to dial functionality it’s easy to connect with colleagues who are verified as available, manage conference calls, or re-route calls to the person best qualified to handle them if the original call recipient is offline or busy.


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