January 15, 2019

    As Your Business Evolves, So Should Your Phones

    As customer expectations diversify and the operating environment alters, business communications tools have to be applied to the challenge of meeting the demands of a changing market. And within the organization itself, these tools must adapt as the business grows and changes over time.

    Changing Times

    While it may seem like a nice idea to remain in your comfort zone and not deal with the hassle of changing your office phones and business communications systems, the simple truth of the matter is that an attitude like this won’t keep you competitive. In extreme cases, sticking with tried and tested (but older) technology may even hamper your operations – and have a negative impact on your bottom line.

    Take the move to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony and Unified Communications, for example. Many organizations have resisted a shift to this platform – despite its own proven track record of advanced communications features, improved business continuity, reduced costs, and increased efficiency.

    But the world at large has warmed to VoIP – so much so that more traditional phone systems are being actively and officially phased out, in many regions. Any business that fails to make the switch will be at a real disadvantage.

    Developing Markets

    Just as the approved communications infrastructure and operating environments for business may alter over time, so too will market conditions and customer purchasing habits.

    For example, over 50% of consumers have been using their mobile devices to search for (and in many cases, purchase) the products and services they want. Any business that hasn’t equipped its staff and upgraded its call-handling practices to keep pace with this trend will have lost any edge it had over its competitors.

    Growth And Evolution

    Within the enterprise as well, conditions won’t remain static over time. New industry standards, operating practices, and technology will emerge. Personnel requirements will change, as fresh talent is recruited and existing staff move to different positions. Physical and geographical factors may apply, as new premises are acquired, or the business expands to various regions.

    All of these will have an influence on the type of systems and equipment needed to run the business, and the nature of its communications set-up.

    New Expectations

    Smartphones and mobile technology have not only changed the way that people shop – they’ve become the foundation of an online economy that imposes significant demands on the way that consumers should be served by the commercial organizations they deal with.

    24/7/365 support and availability are becoming the norm, with customers anticipating resolution or completion times that are as near to instantaneous as possible. And in order to deliver these levels of service, enterprises must empower their staff to collaborate with each other, gain ready access to information and resources, and communicate within the same time-frame.

    In this environment, landlines and traditional phone systems simply can’t cut it, any more.

    The digital economy requires advanced communications tools with global access, and real-time or near-instantaneous response. And these tools must cover a variety of platforms and apps, to allow for the multiple channels and different methods that people use to contact your business.

    Future-Proof Solutions For Business Communications

    To survive in today’s environment, businesses require a communications system that combines telephony, Live Chat, email, mobile app support, and social tools. All of this needs to be available across multiple operating platforms, with seamless integration between the various channels.

    And to anticipate what the future may hold, that business communications platform must itself be open to change, and continuously evolving.

    Net2Phone offers a full suite of voice and communications solutions, for businesses of all types and sizes, throughout the globe. Net2Phone’s integrated platform with phone, messaging, and chat provides the capacity and tools to manage your entire enterprise communications system from a single dashboard.

    With new features such as advanced analytics, intra-company chat, and presence panels being added to the mix, net2phone is developing improved services, to usher businesses into the future.

    If you’re ready to take the next step in evolution for your phones and business communications, get in touch with one of our net2phone representatives.

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