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    SIP Trunk Phone Solutions for Businesses

    net2phone’s SIP Trunking solution allows you to access all of the benefits of a cloud PBX solution, without replacing your existing equipment. Combine your voice and data for one ultimate UCaaS solution.


    Integrating easily into your existing PBX, net2phone’s SIP Trunking solution allows you to access all of the benefits of a cloud solution, without replacing your equipment.

    Unlimited Business Calling Make unlimited calls to over 40 international destinations, including the U.S. and Canada.
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    Premium, US-based Support All customers receive FREE, premium, US-based customer support from our UCaaS experts 24/7 to ensure your business stays connected.
    Customer-Centric Unified Communications We pride ourselves on providing top-of-the-line white-glove service through our sales, onboarding, and support teams.

    Top Provider In SIP Trunking

    Siperstein Dermatology Group
    A Reliable Phone Systems for Healthcare Siperstein Dermatology Group was looking for a reliable phone system for their growing practice since their previous provider used call centers overseas and fraught wtih outages. net2phone provided a healthcare phone system that meet all their day-to-day needs with features they needed, but also US-based customer support, upto 99.9% uptime, a dedicated account manager, easy to read bill, and competitive pricing. GAIN RELIABILITY WITH N2P
    Skoglund Hotel Group
    Phone Systems for Hospitality Businesses Skoglund Hotel Group was looking for a better phone system for hospitality. The were able to find cost savings with better features to fit the needs of their 5 hotels. LEVEL UP WITH N2P
    Brechbill Trailer Sales LLC
    Brechbill Trailer Sales Simplifed Communications with net2phone Brechbill's move to net2phone gave them the ability to text and call from anywhere on their expansive lot, via our mobile app. This solved a major pain point for Brechbill which proved to be invaluable. BECOME MOBILE WITH N2P

    SIP Trunking FAQ’s

    What is SIP Trunking?

    A SIP trunk is a virtual telephone line connecting your business telecoms system to the public phone network. Rather than using an ISDN connection, SIP trunking is established via a data network. SIP trunks may be used as a complete alternative to ISDN, or the two systems may be combined to give a hybrid solution exploiting the benefits of both.

    What does SIP stand for?

    SIP, or Session Initiation Protocol is a method of data transmission used to set up connections between different devices including computers, desktop phones, mobile phones, video conferencing units, and file servers. It governs the establishment, termination, and time during phone calls as unique sessions.

    When should businesses switch to SIP?

    If you are thinking of moving to the cloud to enjoy all of the benefits of a hosted solution, but already possess an on premises PBX system, then a move to SIP trunking should be an easy transition for you. If you currently use ISDN2 or ISDN30 circuits, and have a leased-line or dedicated SDSL for your internet connections (as opposed to contended ADSL or WiFi), then SIP trunking should be a good fit for your organization.

    What equipment will I need?

    If you’re using a legacy phone system (and these days, that equates to a couple of years old, or more), you’ll likely need a SIP-ISDN Gateway, which translates the flow of data between the ISDN interface of your existing phone system and your new SIP trunks. Rather than trusting to the bandwidth of the public internet, it’s a good idea to beef up your existing data connection to allow for the increased demand that will be put on it by voice data.

    How many SIP trunks should I get?

    This will be determined by the maximum number of simultaneous phone calls that you anticipate at any given time. Many organizations are just fine with one SIP trunk for every three phones, but if you’re running a call center, or your business handles a large volume of inbound and outbound calls, this will require considerably more – sometimes as much as one SIP trunk per phone line.

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