Case Study

    CSI: Lubbock

    Included features, an ever-evolving product, reliable quality, and outstanding customer support provided the team at CSI: Lubbock with confidence in upgrading to net2phone.


    About CSI

    CSI: Lubbock is a professional communication service and installation company supporting businesses in the West Texas area. CSI: Lubbock provides professionally installed structured cabling along with other specialty services including low voltage integration, access control cameras, security, audio-visual, telephone, Voice Over IP, LED lighting, and more.

    Founded in 2005, CSI: Lubbock has scaled to operate in over 50 cities across Texas and New Mexico. Their technicians implement structured cabling systems in organizations across a variety of industries including over 70 public schools and 40 medical facilities. As experts in the field of communication services and installation, CSI: Lubbock works alongside trusted partners, like net2phone, to provide their clients with the most reliable, high quality, and cost-effective technology solutions available.

    The Challenge

    As an organization that provides communication technology installation services to businesses, CSI: Lubbock needed a reliable business phone solution of their own that would contribute to its unparalleled reputation. For clients to feel confident in hiring CSI: Lubbock to implement their necessary business technology, their phone solution needed to be of superior quality.

    From auto-attendants, to voicemail-to-email transcriptions, web-based call recording and performance wallboards, CSI: Lubbock was eager to access the tools that would provide their clients with the professional and interactive experience they have come to expect.

    In expanding its business to service further geographic areas, CSI: Lubbock knew it was time for an upgrade. With a professional expertise in network infrastructure, they had a unique ability to evaluate VoIP providers’ technology and know what would work best for their own business. CSI: Lubbock decided to proceed with a telecom company who sold them on innovative features and the promise of reliable quality. While their VoIP technology was operating properly, the support from the provider was subpar and they needed a more responsive system. Following a year of back and forth and a convoluted ordering processing, CSI: Lubbock decided to continue their search for a VoIP provider that could better support their needs.

    While net2phone offered a reliable and cost-effective solution, what really intrigued CSI: Lubbock was net2phone’s included suite of advanced features. Other providers offered tiered licenses, but net2phone’s one-size-fits-all solution meant that net2phone seat licenses included all features, ensuring CSI: Lubbock received high business functionality under one affordable price. Included VoIP features, along with an ever-evolving product, reliable quality, and a value proposition based on providing outstanding customer support provided the team at CSI: Lubbock with confidence in upgrading to net2phone.

    The Solution

    net2phone’s white-glove approach to onboarding ensures that every client is provided the resources, training, and feature configuration they need to be successful. Having experienced a painful onboarding process with their former VoIP provider, CSI: Lubbock was reluctant to restart the process. However, net2phone designated a single point of contact throughout the deployment of services to assist with learning the intricate ins and outs of their business account. Their provisioning specialist, located in the United States, oversaw the entire onboarding process from start to finish to ensure CSI: Lubbock was equipped for a successful deployment with a quick turnaround for business continuity.

    With an exclusive focus on cloud-based VoIP communications for business, net2phone delivers the highest quality phone systems, a sophisticated feature set, superior enterprise integrations and in-depth call analytics. Through net2phone’s comprehensive suite of features, CSI: Lubbock has been able to provide their clients with a seamless calling experience that reflects the professionalism of their services. The simultaneous ring feature, which rings all the user’s phones at the same time - including external numbers such as mobile devices - allows CSI: Lubbock’s technicians to remain connected whether they’re in the office or on-site, paving the way for better client and vendor relationships.

    Becoming A net2phone Partner

    Not only was CSI: Lubbock searching for a phone solution that would enable them to provide the best quality of customer service, they were also interested in expanding their portfolio to include VoIP services for their clients. As a happy client themselves, they knew that their own clients would benefit from net2phone’s advanced technology and affordability. With over 15 years of experience in managing networks and supporting the communications needs of Texas-based businesses, adding a VoIP offering to their scaling business was a clear professional fit. CSI: Lubbock knew they could trust net2phone to provide their clients with the highest quality of service based on a similar customer success mentality, parallel value propositions and above and beyond customer support.

    Through the net2hpone Partner Portal, CSI: Lubbock can access sales resources and promotional materials as well as create instant quotes for interested clients to quickly move deals. In being appointed a dedicated Channel Manager, CSI: Lubbock has a single point of contact who understands their business and clients, listens to their feedback and can advocate on their behalf. The resources, sales and marketing support from net2phone provides CSI: Lubbock with every opportunity to maximize their earning potential. Since officially joining the net2phone Partner Program, CSI: Lubbock has successfully onboarded several clients across a variety of industries to net2phone’s services. From restaurants, small businesses, financial companies and manufacturing, each has been able to quickly adapt to the new technology and leverage net2phone’s unified communications tools to optimize their solution.

    Customer Quote

    “Our partners are an extension of us. If we are promoting their service to our clients, we need to ensure that net2phone’s quality of service and technical support will exceed our customers’ expectations. net2phone has delivered every time!”

    Joel Hohenberger, Vice President