Mobile Apps for Customers On-The-Go

net2phone’s Know-How, Your Calling App

Customers on-the-go can make low cost International calls right from their smartphones with net2phone’s Mobile VoIP solutions.

Increase Your Revenues

Mobile calling apps have enjoyed explosive growth, and you can claim your share of the market. Offer your customers pay-as-you-go calling plans and unlimited calling worldwide with your own white label mobile app from net2phone.

Enhance Your Brand

net2phone will customize and configure a mobile app just for you, based on our award-winning Boss Revolution international calling app. Everything from the customer-facing app to the operating platform behind the scenes can be tailored to your brand.

Strengthen Customer Retention

Compatible with the most popular smartphone devices, net2phone Mobile Apps provide one-touch international calling through local access numbers, data, and Wi-Fi networks. Your customers can continue the service whether they change their smartphone, mobile provider or both, strengthening your retention rates.

Promote your brand by customizing appearance, language, currency,

and features to match your business.

Basic Features

Low cost outbound and inbound calling

Inbound calling to virtual numbers from 40+ countries

Peer-to-peer calling

Free trial

Integration with native contact list

View rates, transaction history, and manage settings

Multiple language support

Multiple currency support

Customizable Features

Branding: Custom Logo, Landing Page, and Style Guide

method (SMS, Verify ANI Call, or Account and PIN)

Funding: prepaid voucher and/or credit card

Choice of countries and currencies

Rate Display options

Opt-in/out notifications

net2phone or Partner provided customer service

App Text, Terms & Conditions, About Us, and FAQs

Broad range of calling options: Minutes, Data, and WiFi


Uses a local cellular call to access net2phone’s network and provides excellent call quality. This is typically the best option when users have unlimited minutes or spare minutes on their mobile plan.


Uses the mobile operator’s data plan to access net2phone’s network and provides good call quality when there is a strong data signal. This access method is recommended for users that have unlimited or high usage data plans.


Uses a local Wi-Fi connection to access net2phone’s network and provides great call quality when there is a strong Wi-Fi signal. This option is recommended when users are traveling to avoid roaming charges.

VoIP On-The-Go

With third-party mobile VoIP applications increasing at a stunning pace, you can benefit from offering customers your very own mobile VoIP calling app.

Promote your brand by customizing appearance, language, currency,

and features to match your business.

Cost Savings

Offer your customers the ability to make low cost international calls right from their mobile phone using net2phone’s tier one platform, market leading international rates and global reach.

  • Low cost local, long-distance and international calling using our global network saves your customers money.

  • Simple and easy pay-as-you-go pricing, featuring the destinations your customers call the most at rates that will excite them.

  • Calls can be made over Wi-Fi connections while traveling to avoid expensive mobile operator roaming charges.

Enhanced User Experience

Your customers can download the app and start calling in just a few minutes, receiving a net2phone-funded free trial to experience just how great the service really is.

  • Customers on-the-go will enjoy superior call quality and a feature-rich international VoIP calling application.

  • Comfortable and natural calling experience – Customers can use their existing smartphones and native dialers.

  • Leverage Wi-Fi for users in low bandwidth areas – maritime crews, oil rig employees, miners, military troops, etc.


Your customers can use their existing phone numbers along with the capability of customizing their calling preferences within the app.

  • Customers can use their existing phone number through the app.

  • Multiple languages and currencies.

  • Calling options depending on location and user preference.

Multiple platforms. Multiple regions.

The Only App Your Customers Need to Make Calls On The Go!