August 16, 2019

    Partner Spotlight: Michael Parad – Telecom Consultants, LLC

    net2phone Partner Spotlight ON: Michael Parad, Telecom Consultants, LLC   

    Michael Parad is the owner of Telecom Consultants, an independent supplier of communications technology to corporate and commercial clients.  Michael has been running a successful business for over two decades, and today employs 20 sub agents, all of whom specialize in unique projects requiring customized solutions.

    Q: How did you begin working with net2phone?

    A:  Well, I try to save and invest, and one of the companies I had invested in was IDT Corporation, a communications provider that pioneered some of the early VoIP technologies.  Through them, I had heard of net2phone, but didn’t know much about their offering and had never worked with them.

    One day at an event I met one of net2phone’s channel managers, Mike Salamone.  He was extremely knowledgeable and very bright with a great personality. This interaction prompted me to learn more about net2phone’s UCaaS solutions and how I could start offering them to my customers.  We started to work on a couple of deals together right away.


    Q:  Michael, at what point did you decide that net2phone could help you grow your business?

    A:  The first time I presented net2phone to a customer, we were sitting in their conference room and the customer had some tough, technical questions about the net2phone product.  I called my net2phone channel manager and he was immediately ready to step in and help.  He easily handled every question and alleviated any concerns the customer had about moving to a cloud solution.  He even produced a quote right on the spot and I was able to close the deal within the same week!


    Q:  How has your experience with net2phone changed over time?

    A:  My initial impression from that first meeting has been confirmed time and time again.  I can call Mike at 8 PM, and have a net2phone quote in hand by 8:30.  The whole net2phone team is super responsive, day and night and really know how to work with partners in getting deals quickly quoted and closed. Often, I don’t have the time to navigate a portal and I also don’t like to have to wait days for a provider to get a quote back to me, so I love that I can call my channel manager and he can turn around a quote for me right away.  In my business, you have to strike while the iron is hot.  net2phone gets that, and they have always been very responsive, twenty-four / seven, which makes it super easy to do business with them.


    Q:  How have you used net2phone to help grow your business?

    A:  Most of the time, winning deals is about saving the client money.  I bring a lot of carriers to the table to find the best fit for each customer.  Earlier this year, I met with a new customer that was using a legacy, premise-based system and were looking to reduce their overhead.  They also wanted the ability to manage their system remotely with a reliable app.   I looked at their bills, and sure enough, they were overpaying the incumbent carrier.  We talked though the options, and net2phone’s hosted PBX seemed like a good fit.  As usual, I called net2phone and got a quote on the spot.  We moved them over to net2phone hosted PBX and they have been happy customers ever since. I love the net2phone product and am super confident with the net2phone support I have received thus far.  I’m currently working on a large multi-location deal with a lot of opportunity for growth and look forward to another win with net2phone!


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