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    Complete Control At Your Fingertips with the net2phone Mobile App

    Make and receive calls or text messages from your business phone number.

    mobile app

    Leverage Our Integrated Business Mobile App and Bust Profits

    Expand Productivity with The N2P Mobile App

    Expand company productivity by being able to work from anywhere at any time, with net2phone's business mobile phone app. Easily make and receive calls and texts from specific business numbers, extensions or company departments. The net2phone mobile app is available on both iOS and Android.

    Extension-to-extension Mobile App Dialing

    Our web-based phone service allows you to dial extension-to-extension and transfer calls to departments or team members just as you would in the office. Don't miss a bet by having complete access to your office while on-the-go.

    Complete Admin Control From Anywhere

    Remotely access your portal to manage and update your account and team with complete control at your fingertips. Take your work anywhere! net2phone has made conducting business extremely convenient by allowing your company to be nomadic with our business mobile app.

    Manage Business Voicemails

    Quickly access your business voicemails on your mobile device. Use our voicemail-to-email option to easy check and follow up on new leads and customer inquiries while on-the-go.


    We want to help you communicate better with all aspects of your business. Get started by having a conversation with one of our business communication experts.

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