September 19, 2019

    Partner Success Story – Meet Jason

    Jason is a Managed Service Provider offering telecom consulting and management services, along with networking, cabling, and wireless installation services.  Jason has over 20 years of experience in the industry and a vast knowledge and understanding of cloud technologies and implementations. He has found success in being able to be the trusted advisor and one-stop shop provider for his customers.


    Q: How did you begin working with net2phone?

    A: I have known Brian Holldorf (net2phone’s Director of Partner Development) for a few years as he was the one who taught me the benefits of selling a hosted solution. We also have a relationship with Master Agency, Intelisys, which gives us access to their vendors, like net2phone, along with training on their services. Between the training and tools Intelisys offers and the support of net2phone’s team, I’m really in a position to be on the edge of technology and help my customers immensely.


    Q: What do you like most about working with net2phone?

    A: It’s super easy working with net2phone.  Usually, when I am in front of a customer, I’m able to get them excited about a cloud solution. Their first question before moving forward is always – how much?  Well, with other providers, I have to play a guessing game. I’ll have to submit a list of requirements or features the customer is looking for, request a quote and then wait a day or two.  But not with net2phone.  With net2phone, it’s already a simple and easy pricing system where it’s a flat rate and includes all of the features.  So, all I have to do is a simple calculation of their flat rate pricing, and how many phones or users a customer has and I can give them an estimate on the spot. Plus, they have electronic quoting so I don’t even have to wait for paperwork! This lets me close deals right when they are most excited about it.


    Q: How has net2phone helped you grow your business?

    A: The support I get from net2phone has been great. I like that the programming is set dynamically so that when my customers receive their phones, they are already set up to find the server on their own and connect automatically. This reduces the amount of time and steps I need for installing and getting customers up and running.  I don’t have to spend time troubleshooting or locating IP addresses. With net2phone, I can get my customers up and running quickly, giving me time for more sales!


    Q: How has your experience with net2phone changed over time?

    A: What matters to customers is the support they get as they navigate through these new technologies. I was with another provider and they cut a portion of their agent base, which included me, so those customers that I was working with could no longer get the support from me (or the provider) that they need. After several successful deployments with net2phone and being fully trained on their product, I’m able to now move those customers away from the old provider and over to net2phone – where I know they will get a great product and all of the support they need.  Being able to have that trust and comfort level is something that’s really hard to find in this business.


    Q: Can you tell us a little bit about a recent “win” with net2phone?

    A: I recently closed a 3 location, 80 seat billing & collection agency with net2phone. They had an older phone system and did not have support for it any longer. They were paying about $3,000 a month in PRI costs and had individual phone systems at each location. They were looking for a new phone system with a low CAPEX and plenty of support.  There were some features that were really important to them too – like monitoring and recording calls. I worked with net2phone to give them a demo of the platform, with a focus on the analytics and call recording features, and they loved it!  We were able to show them how net2phone would require NO CAPEX and would reduce their costs by $1,200 monthly, all while providing the exact features they needed to keep their business running smoothly.



    Overall, it’s really easy for the customers to understand what they are getting and how to use their phone service. It’s an intuitive dashboard, simplified price and quoting process, and easy to install. net2phone has been great to work with. My customers trust my knowledge and expertise to guide them through the world of technology and telecom, and I know that I am able to do that with net2phone.





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