December 6, 2021

    net2phone – One of The Fastest Growing UCaaS Providers


    A Growing UCaaS Provider

    Ask anyone who has been with us since the beginning, and they will tell you that our mission has always been to deliver top-of-the-line advanced web-based UCaaS communications to businesses around the globe.

    Today we see this goal becoming a reality with net2pone offices all over the world. We have the infrastructure, knowledge, and workforce to create an international presence for any business. Our offerings consistently generate gross margins and revenue growth metrics above and beyond UCaaS industry averages.

    “With the backbone of IDT telecom, which is one of the largest voice providers in the world, it’s no wonder we were able to hit the ground running and why we haven’t stopped yet.” said Director of Channel Marketing, Denise D’Arienzo.

    Being one of the fastest-growing providers in the UC space means we’re quickly growing. Today net2phone has the honor and privilege of serving business communities in nine markets.

    net2phone Named Global Partner of the Year

    To further support our growth, we take a look at our channel partner efforts. net2phone was recently awarded the title of Global Partner of The Year by UC Today for providing exceptional performance and solutions through channel partners on a global scale. This UC Partner Awards recognized our talent and innovation globally. 

    “This is a great growth story of a partner that went above and beyond during uncertain market conditions. “Not only did net2phone deliver in its domestic market, but it also delivered across the globe.” David Dungay, Editor-in-Chief of UC Today proclaimed. “net2phone has set the standard in the Global Channel Partner category.”

    net2phone has enjoyed phenomenal success driving channel growth across our global markets. We are honored to be recognized by UC Today for our achievement in being a premier global partner.

    Built for UCaaS Success

    net2phone has made this achievement a reality by constantly putting our customers first and soliciting feedback from around the world regarding what is needed and expected from their communications partners. Then, and this is the most important part, we put that feedback into action.

    Coming off the back of the COVID-19 crisis, net2phone also recognizes that the needs of our partners have changed. Businesses are now looking for cloud-based communication providers that can manage hybrid or remote workforces. It's about providing a reliable VoIP solution that can seamlessly blend those working from their homes or other locations, and those in the traditional office space. 

    Final Thoughts

    UCaaS expansion to global markets are just some of the other factors that are driving net2phone’s incredible growth and the reason we passionately believe this expansion will continue. We look forward to being around to offer our next-generation UCaaS services to businesses around the world for all the years yet to come.

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