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    November 4, 2016

    Channel Partners Are Turning to Hosted PBX

    The hosted PBX market is growing rapidly — there is absolutely no doubt about that. In fact, we are practically on the cusp of a hosted PBX revolution, as customer awareness continues to rise, and providers continue to be able to offer brilliant, feature-rich, affordable and accessible cloud-based telephony solutions for all manner of enterprises, big and small.

    The result is that many organizations are turning to providers who can manage their whole telecommunications portfolio, which, in turn, is creating a golden opportunity for channel partners to tap into the telecoms market by offering a full-service hosted PBX solution.

    Hosted PBX On The Rise

    The hosted PBX market is set to grow on average by 13% each year compared to 0.01% of on premises unified communications, making it abundantly clear where the future lies, and by offering hosted PBX solutions, channel partners are increasingly able to get a piece of the action.   

    The net2phone Channel Partner Program means that you can start offering a great solution without hassle, and start enjoying excellent margins with total support.

    The Bright Future For Channel Partners

    Providers and channel partners embody a true symbiotic relationship. Indeed, the hosted PBX industry needs channel partners in order to grow, and channel partner need the hosted PBX industry for the very same reason.

    Currently, channel partners find and close only about 20% of all hosted PBX deals, meaning that the majority of sales come straight from the vendor. However, some experts are saying that this ration will completely flip on its head by the time we reach 2020. The Eastern Management Group says that channel providers will soon be finding and closing some 90% of hosted PBX deals. 

    And the reason is simple — hosted PBX solutions are genuinely the next big thing in the telecommunications market, and, as awareness continues to rise amongst customers, the market will likely accelerate so quickly that there will be space for more and more partners to see fantastic returns selling the solutions to new clients.

    What Makes Hosted PBX SO Great?

    Everything. Let’s take a look at some figures:

    • Hosted PBX can save businesses up to 70% on their communications costs
    • Business spending on Unified Communications will increase 10% per year
    • Businesses currently housing on-premise PBX systems are projected to migrate to hosted alternatives, making the hosted PBX market potential of $3.9 billion
    • Further projections expect the global hosted PBX market to be worth $20.8 billion by 2018

    Why Partner With net2phone?

    Because we make it easy.

    Because we provide full support.

    Because we don’t compete with you!

    net2phone offers fully hosted voice solutions. We host the technology and provisioning elements, allowing you to focus on what matters most of all — your business. What’s more, we make it our mission to fully support our partners every step of the way.

    Your channel manager will help you create quotes and markup pricing. Our on-boarding and implementations team will ensure your customers phone systems are set up how they want it, when they want it. And our technical team is always here for ongoing support.

    net2phone isn’t competing with you for customers. The net2phone team is completely focused on you – removing the stress and ensuring your ongoing success.

    Become a partner with net2phone today.

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