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    Elevate Your Business Communications with Live Chat

    Instantly respond to customers in real-time with net2phone's Live Chat feature.

    live chat

    Live Chat Enhances Your UCaaS Phone System

    Convenient business conversations for you and your customers.

    On-demand Customer Communication

    Live Chat is an efficient way to give customers on-demand support directly from your website. Providing an accessible company presence allows customers to get support quickly and efficiently, which can increase the chances of customer acquisition and retention.

    Web To Mobile Live Chat Transfer

    Keep the conversation going by being able to transfer active discussions from the web to mobile. If a customer is receiving assistance from a live agent and needs to step away from their computer they can easily transfer the conversation over from their desktop to their mobile device. This also goes the same for support agents- resulting in complete convenience for both parties.

    Take Your Business Conversations Anywhere

    Live Chat makes it easy to answer queries from potential consumers immediately, with our integrated business mobile app. Instantly respond to customers and answer questions in real-time both in the office and on-the-go.

    Enhance Company Success with Live Chat

    An engaged visitor to your website is key to increasing your conversion rate. Responding quickly to a new lead significantly improves the odds of turning that prospect into a customer. By providing quick response time to your customers, you are increasing brand loyalty which will improve your company's overall quality and success.

    Additional Features that set us apart

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    We want to help you communicate better with all aspects of your business. Get started by having a conversation with one of our business communication experts.

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