Don't pay extra for a live chat service! With net2phone, it's all included. Enable live conversations on your website with our live chat widget integration and instantly respond to real customers in real-time. 

Company Productivity

Company Productivity

Intuitive Panel

Efficiency: Live Chat provides a quick and efficient way for customers to get on-demand support directly on your website.


On the Go: Answer questions and respond to customers from wherever you are. Even when you're on the go via your net2phone mobile app. 

Lead Generator


Accessibility: Instantly respond to customers in real-time. Providing an accessible online company presence allows customers to get the necessary support quickly and efficiently, which increases the chances of customer acquisition and retention.

Dedicated Team

Convenience: This live chat feature is not only a convenient way for your customers to contact you, but it is also is a convenient way for you to respond to your customers. We made this feature with you in mind as being able to have live business chats in the office or on the go is invaluable.

Live Chat

Increase Company Success


Increase Sales: An engaged visitor to your website is key to upping your conversion rate. Being able to respond quickly to a new lead significantly improves the odds of turning that lead into a customer. 


Brand Loyalty: Being accessible allows your customers to trust and rely on your company. Building this brand loyalty helps create repeat customers.  By providing quick response time to your customers, you are increasing the quality and success of your company.

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