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    net2phone uContact CCaaS Documentation

    Full Feature List and Plan Comparison



    Voice License

    Omni License

         Core voice features

         Voice campaign management

    Inbound Campaigns

    Deliver high-quality voice experiences through all inbound interactions. 

    Outbound Campaigns

    Deliver high-quality voice experiences through all outbound interactions.

    Blended Campaigns

    Deliver high-quality voice experiences through all blended interactions.


    Start and/or pick up calls directly from uContact's softphone. 

    Multiple Campaigns

    Be active in more than one campaign at the same time.

    Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

    Put your business on auto-pilot using uContact's native ACD software.

    Intelligent & Priority Routing

    Intelligently route incoming calls to the most appropriate agent or department within your company.

    Call Queuing

    Route callers to the next available agent. 

    Virtual Hold (Queue Callbacks)

    Allows callers to hang up and receive a call back without losing their place in line. Callers can schedule the call for another time on the same day or select another day and time, and even request the callback to a different phone number.

    Call Recordings

    Record and listen to interactions or view agent screen recordings from all available channels.

    Screen Pop-Up

    Enable a form to appear when new interactions begin with information about the client and the ability to enter notes. The form will pop up automatically for voice calls but will need to be manual for text interactions. 

    Wrap-Up Time

    Time period granted to the agent where he/she will not receive new calls, to give time for documenting notes or other activities necessary after the current call has ended.

    Conference Calling

    Have a three-way conversation - or more! 

    Custom Breaks

    Assign or create custom “break” activities based on agents' needs or campaign requirements.

    After Business Hours & Holiday Rules

    Automatic and customizable notification when a call is executed outside campaign/business hours. 

    Estimated Wait Time And Queue Position

    Callers are notified about the estimated time they have to wait before being attended to by an agent and their current position within the queue.

    Disposition Management / Category Codes

    Categorize call outcomes (occupied, not connected, blocked/wrong number, abandoned, etc). 

    Call Monitoring

    Listen to calls to manage call quality and agent performance. 

         Auto Dialers

    Predictive Dialer

    Calls multiple numbers at once and as soon as the client answers, an agent is connected to them. This type of dialer ‘predicts’ when the agent will become available again and starts dialing based on his/her average wrap-up time.

    Power dialer

    Determines the average number of calls the system needs to make on any given list to successfully connect to a client.


    Automatically dials a number from a call list as soon as an agent becomes available to ensure clients don’t answer calls without an agent ready to pick them up.


    Calls the agent first and when/if the agent is available, it forwards the call to the client. Each client is assigned to a specific agent.

    Reverse Progressive

    Exclusive configuration of the Progressive dialer, but calls the client first and then transfers the call to the assigned agent. 

    Voice Broadcast  (Press-1 Campaigns)

    Send recorded messages, static or dynamic surveys, or reminders, or even redirect a client to a certain campaign within a certain period. 

    Automatic Machine Detection

    Automatic detection of voice mails and the distinction between human and robotic voice.

    List Mixing

    Assign dialers a specific dialing percentage or priority to different lists and maintain high contactability levels.

    Automatic List Recycling

    Select contacts you wish to keep trying to reach and generate a new list that includes them (can be done manually or automatically based on parameters). 

    Do-Not-Call Registry (DNCR) list management

    Create a 'blacklist' and avoid dialing certain contacts.

         Voice Automation

    Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

    Allows incoming callers to access information via a voice response system of pre-recorded messages without having to speak to an agent, as well as to utilize menu options via touch-tone keypad selection.  Use text-to-speech using our connectors (Google, Amazon, or MRCP protocol) or automated speech recognition (via MRCP protocol)

    Text-to-Speech (TTS)*

    Assistive technology that reads digital text aloud. 

    Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)*

    Converts human spoken audio into text using acoustic language models. 


         Omnichannel features

    Unified Inbox

    Meet clients in the digital channel of their choice, integrating all touchpoints in the same place. 

    Unified Notification Center

    Receive new interaction notifications from all channels in the same notification bar. 

    Transfer interaction (to agents and/or groups).

    Transfer any interaction from one agent, group, or campaign to the other or an external number. 

    Disposition Management / Category codes

    Categorize digital interaction outcomes (occupied, not connected, blocked/wrong number, abandoned, etc.)

    Post-interaction Satisfaction Surveys 

    Receive client feedback at the completion of all interactions. 

    Omnichannel Interaction Recordings

    Audio and screen recordings of all digital interactions. 

    Bot Automation

    Automate all digital interactions using uContact's native and customizable Bots. 

         WhatsApp Business

    WhatsApp Business Integration**

    Integrate to several WhatsApp Business providers (Gupshup, Infobip, and more).

    Inbound WhatsApp Business Campaigns

    Receive and answer interactions directly from uContact, just as you would from the app. 

    Pre-Approved Templates for Outbound Campaigns

    Use WhatsApp Business-approved templates in your outbound campaigns.

         Facebook & Facebook Messenger

    Facebook wall & posts

    Receive and handle notifications when your company has been mentioned in a comment/post. 

    Facebook Messenger

    Receive and answer direct messages from your Facebook page directly from uContact.

         Web Chat 

    Audio calls with WebRTC

    Let your clients start audio calls directly from your company’s website using WebRTC technology. 

    Video calls with WebRTC

    Let your clients start HD video calls directly from your company’s website using WebRTC technology.

    Share Screen

    Share your screen directly from WebChat. 

    Request Screen

    Request your client's screen. 

    Send and receive attachments

    Send and receive files securely through the WebChat


    Bulk & One-to-One email campaigns

    Send emails to one or multiple recipients at one time. 

    Send and receive attachments

    Send and receive files securely through email.

    Customizable email templates

    Use one of uContact's email templates or easily create/design your own.

         SMS & MMS

    Bulk & One-to-One SMS campaigns

    Send SMS campaigns to one or multiple recipients. 

    Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)

    Send multimedia messages to one or multiple recipients. 

         Low Code Development Tools

    Workflow Designer

    Build your workflows with uContact’s low-code programming workflow designer.

    Report Creator & Designer

    Use one of uContact’s 200+ available reports or use our low-code report designer to create your own.

    Data-capturing Form Designer

    Use a standard data capturing form, integrate your own CRM, or build your forms from scratch.

         Workforce Management

    Omnichannel Recordings

    Record interactions from all digital channels. 

    Call Recordings

    Record inbound and/or outbound calls. 

    Screen Recordings

    HD screen recordings.

    Agent Coaching (Spy, Whisper & Real-Time feedback)

    Listen to your agent's conversations in real-time and whisper feedback in real-time.

    Satisfaction Surveys

    Receive client feedback at the completion of the interaction.

         Reporting & Analytics

    Real-Time Dashboards

    Omnichannel and real-time monitoring of daily performance.

    Historical Reporting

    Generate and access reports with historical information.

    Graphical Alerts

    ​​Receive graphic and automatic alerts whenever something happens in your contact center. 

    Omnichannel Reports

    Report generation of statistics from all integrated channels. 

    Standard and Customizable Reports

    Use one of uContact's 300+ preset reports or create your custom reports. 

    Schedule Reports

    Schedule report generation for a date and time of your convenience. 

    Real-Time Supervision

    Be aware of what's happening in your contact center at all times and in real time. 

    Survey Reports

    Generate a report of the answers from the satisfaction surveys sent. 

    Report Export (PDF, XLS, CSV). 

    Export reports in the format of your choice. 


    Daily Customizable Games & Challenges

    Set daily goals and challenges to keep motivation levels up.  

    Objectives by agent, group, and/or area

    Set objectives for your agents, groups, and departments in your contact center. 

    Rewards & Recognitions

    Give badges, rewards, and recognitions to your top-performing agents or groups. 


    Each agent or supervisor has a customizable avatar. 


    Real-time ranking of your agents according to their performance in games and challenges. 

         Security & Quality Monitoring

    Quality Monitoring

    Formally score, evaluate and report on agent calls to measure success.

    Standard COPC

    Instrument to measure performance and quality of all interactions. 


    All interactions are end-to-end encrypted to avoid unauthorized access to clients' data. 

    Permissions per user-type

    Each license has access to specific features and permissions. 

         General | Technical Features

    CRM Lite

    Powerful CRM system (native or integrated) for successful campaign management. 

    100% Browser-based

    Access uContact directly from a browser, no app download or plug-in install is needed. 

    Home Agents

    Thanks to its Web RTC technology, agents can access uContact anywhere. 

    Customizable Breaks / Status

    Agents can change their status activity in real time. 

    Multiple Languages

    English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. 

    All plans include:

    • Storage of voice and written interactions (WebChat, SMS, WhatsApp Business, Email, Facebook) for 12 months, starting on the day of service activation, free of charge.
    • Remote technical support
    • 5 telephony channels per agent (For example, if you have 100 agents, you will have 500 channels)

    Additional Charges

    uContact services will be charged in accordance with the accepted quote/proposal. Inbound/outbound minutes usage (domestic and international) , inbound toll-free minutes usage and Inbound/outbound SMS messages will be charged in accordance with our rate sheet.

    There may be instances in which additional charges, beyond the originally quoted charges will apply (subject to subsequent quotes/proposals), such as:

    • Storage (via Google Cloud)
      • After the first 12 months, there is an additional cost for voice recordings and text storage.
      • Screen & video recordings.
    • Additional channels
      • 5 telephony channels are included. Additional blocks of 10 channels can be purchased.
    • Set Up Fees
      • Standard
        Covers up to 40 hours and includes discovery, configuration, implementation, and training, delivered remotely. See section: Onboarding & Professional Services for details.
      • Custom Development
        Should any additional effort be required to implement and customize uContact, the cost for Professional Services will be set forth in a quote/proposal, and is subject to a signed Statement of Work (SOW).

    License Disclaimers

    • Must have a minimum of 10 concurrent agents.
    • Service-term agreement required.
    • No proration of any uContact services. Licenses will be charged for the full month, regardless of the number of days used.
    • Voice and Omni licenses cannot be mixed.

    Chatbot License

    uContact’s built-in Bots use a JavaScript engine to allow the execution of different activity workflows to perform almost any action imaginable: from providing simple/standard answers to executing transactions, making queries to databases and/or running WebServices.

    Chatbot is only available with Omni licenses and carries an additional cost.

    Interactions that can be automated by uContact Bots:

    • Facebook
    • Facebook Messenger
    • WhatsApp Business
    • Webchat
    • SMS
    • Email

    Bot’s Characteristics:

    • They are native - No need to integrate any third-party solution to add Bots and automation processes into your omnichannel strategy: they are built within the solution.
    • Simple Development - Using uContact’s low-code Workflow Designer, you can develop your own Bots just by dragging and dropping activity buttons/icons into the workflow designer panel according to your strategy.
    • Customizable - Edit your Bots’ workflow and adapt it to each channel or campaign using uContact’s Workflow Designer. BUT, watch out: once you change a Bot’s workflow, it will change its logic in all the channels and campaigns it’s assigned to.
    • Various Types - Use and develop Bots for different business logics/operations –transactional, informative, pre-service, or even add Artificial Intelligence.

    Important note:

    The same Bot license can be used and replicated into different channels integrated into uContact, but only if it follows the same activity workflow. Should this workflow change depending on the channel, another Bot license must be acquired.

    Onboarding & Professional Services

    Standard Onboarding Scope

    uContact's standard onboarding/setup includes 40 hours of professional services, during the initial implementation period, for the configuration of:

    • A telephony SIP trunk.
    • Agent, Supervisor, and Administrator profiles.
    • Security groups (for Supervisor/Administrator profiles).
    • Up to 2 standard voice campaigns (inbound & outbound with 'Welcome' and 'Out-Of-Hours').
    • Standard omnichannel configuration* of:
      1. SMS (should another provider be required, aside from uContact's predetermined ones, feasibility must be reviewed and estimated)
      2. WhatsApp Business
      3. WebChat
      4. Facebook & Facebook Messenger

    *applies only to purchased Omnichannel licenses

    • Up to 2 standard auto-dialers (setup and use).
    • Screen pop-up form embedding a third-party website or URL, without sending parameters.
    • Disposition setup (associated to campaigns).
    • Holidays and Blacklist configuration.
    • Training on Agent, Supervisor and Administrator profiles.
    • Overview of uContact's set of standard reports.


    • Includes the implementation of navigation menus with up to 4 levels and transfer to an agent.

    All the information necessary to configure the points mentioned above is your responsibility.

    uContact's standard onboarding/setup does not include (and will be quoted additionally according to your specifications and defined scope) the configuration of:

    • Integrations.
    • Form implementations: You are expected to provide a diagram of the requested form with the fields and their data types together with the operating logic (button actions, and more).
    • Reports implementation: You are expected to provide an Excel file with the data that needs to be included on the reports.
    • Audio recordings: You are expected to provide audio recordings for welcome greetings/IVRs/etc.

    Standard onboarding process:


    1. Kick-off
    2. Project Goals
    3. Current business situation
    4. Product Overview
    5. Specific needs


    1. uContact Setup
    2. Personalization:
      • Up to 2 standard voice campaigns
      • Users and Agents
      • Telephony SIP trunk


    1. Administrator
    2. Supervisor
    3. Agent


    1. System functions validation
    2. Custom developments validation

    Remote Technical Support Services


    • Care, diagnosis and resolution of support incidents.
    • Attention to technical or functional questions about uContact.
    • Upgrading components such as "patches" and "hot fixes".

    Support services described will be provided remotely via the following methods:

    • Direct telephone support
    • Through the Support Portal
    • E-mail
    • Instant messaging systems (Skype, MSN, etc.)
    • Remote Access including:
      • Microsoft Remote Desktop
      • SSH (Secure Shell)
      • LogMein
      • Microsoft VPN
      • Open VPN

    Support does not include coverage of the following events or situations:

    • Inappropriate use of uContact software or use that does not conform with the use recommendations made by net2phone.
    • Malfunction or failure of servers and/or workstations, external PBX, frames, etc. and client infrastructure failures (network, cables, power supply, LAN, etc.).
    • Alterations or modifications to the uContact software
    • Any failure caused by fault of other software solutions
    • Data backup
    • Modifications to the system, unless it is for a system error code.
    • Upgrades to new versions.
    • Implementation of new modules.

    Incident reporting

    To report an incident, you must communicate through the channels offered by net2phone (e-mail, phone, support portal), and include the following data:

    • Your company name
    • Your contact phone number
    • Time when the incident occurred
    • Description of the problem experienced
    • Features affected by the incident

    You must make every effort to document the issues and problems and attach information related to the issues when applicable (logs, screenshots, detailed descriptions, scope of the issue, etc).

    Based on the information you report, the incident will be classified according to priority level (High, Medium or Low) according to the following parameters:

    • High: When a significant part of the system is not working or not working properly, severely impacting business activities.
    • Medium: When the incident affects the operations of your contact center, which can continue to operate, but with a significant loss in productivity and service level.
    • Low: When the incident does not significantly affect system functionality.

    net2phone will then respond to the incident in accordance with the Response Times described below.

    Response Times

    • High Priority incidents will be responded to within 2 business hours following the incident report.
    • Medium Priority incidents will be responded to within 8 business hours following the incident report.
    • Low Priority incidents will be responded to within 24 business hours following the incident report.

    Response times do not apply to third-party issues that affect the functioning of the platform. Below is a non-exhaustive list of third-party issues that may affect the operation of uContact:

    • Internet service provider
    • SMS provider
    • WhatsApp provider
    • Integration with social networks (changes in APIs)
    • Integrations with third parties
    • Integrations with proprietary systems
    • Infrastructure problems (hardware, network)

    It is your responsibility to have a backup plan for critical information. net2phone assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage of data.

    Definitions of Terms

    Administrator = Person responsible for managing the contact center operations through agent and campaign creations, queue assignments, IVR workflows, quality models and auto-dialer management, etc. In some cases, the Administrator role may be occupied by the same person as the Supervisor. But, in any case, he/she will be the one in charge of creating, adding, and managing everything agents and supervisors need in order to use uContact effectively (aside from monitoring the contact center's activity).

    Agent = Person using the services to interact with clients

    Auto Dialer = Technology capable of uploading and analyzing contact lists, segmenting them, assigning them by priority and carrying out a specific strategy. The system triggers calls automatically and thus automates the work of the agents.

    Chatbot = Technology that stimulates and processes human conversation, allowing clients to interact with you via digital channels just as if they were communicating with a live agent.

    Interaction = The way in which clients get in touch with an organization after selecting the communication channel of their choice. Interactions can be human or robotic, and can include chatbots, live agent sessions, or video calls.

    Omnichannel = Allows you to centralize and manage multiple touchpoints and their respective interactions in the same place. An omnichannel strategy ensures that the client receives the same experience, regardless of the communication method they choose to use to interact with your company or brand, and your agents can obtain a comprehensive view of the client.

    SIP Trunk = Service that allows you to connect to the public telephone network (PSTN) through VoIP technology.

    Supervisor = Responsible for the supervision and control of agents in a contact center. Tasks include: ensuring incoming calls are answered in a reasonable timeframe; that clients receive the care and information they request; intervene in the resolution of issues and manage/supervise the staff in the contact center; as well as the fulfillment of objectives and functions.

    Voice campaign = Strategy used in contact centers to contact one or more individuals from a list using different telephony-related features (auto-dialers, call routing, automatic call distribution, IVR, and more).