Customer Success Representative

    About the Role

    The Customer Success Account Manager is responsible for developing relationships with net2phone's SMB clientele that promote retention, sustainable customer satisfaction and ensure that company offerings meet the individual needs of clients. The Account Manager acts as the client advocate. You will work with internal departments to ensure that client needs are understood and satisfied. net2phone Account Managers must know the company’s products inside and out. They are often called upon to provide technical support to customers or to provide training on their products. They will help customers plan and understand the best ways to utilize their net2phone system based on the customer’s business needs or business plans. The Account Manager will focus on educating their customers on the flexibility and capabilities of net2phone, so customers are encouraged to continue using net2phone's services.


    • Develop and manage client portfolios.
    • Analyze customer data to improve the customer experience.
    • Hold product demonstrations for customers.
    • Evaluate and improve tutorials and other communication infrastructure
    • Mediate between clients and the organization
    • Handle and resolve customer requests and complaints
    • Minimize customer churn
    • Find ways to deeply understand our customers’ objectives and become a trusted right-hand adviser
    • Determine how to define, drive, and demonstrate the value (ROI) delivered
    • Create a company-wide customer feedback loop
    • Ensure smart hand-off
    • Increase Renewal/Retention percentage
    • Increase Renewal dollars by proving ROI for the company

    Job Type

    Full-time position


    Newark, NJ

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