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    Call Queues

    Organize Your Business with Call Queues

    Distribute and route callers like a pro with net2phone call queues.

    call queues

    Keep Inbound Calls Manageable with net2phone Call Queues

    Keep Organized with N2P Call Queues

    Stay organized during times of high call volume, whether it be the time of day, the season, or an ongoing sales promotion. Keep callers in the line in which they called, so you can assist customers in the proper order.

    Enhanced Customer Care

    Each call is important. Call Queues allow you to acknowledge each caller without having to answer the phone right away. By letting the customer know someone will be with them momentarily gives them a sense of ease and provides a higher chance of them holding on the line.

    Use Call Queues For Promotional Opportunities

    Upload custom music or audio recordings for customers to listen to while on hold in the queue. Use this time to promote sales, specials, or events happening for your company. Easily update these business announcements upon season or occasion.

    Prevent Lost Sales with Call Queues

    Don't lose a sale just because you miss a call. Create a better customer experience by answering calls quickly and convert prospects into customers faster.

    Improve Company Productivity

    Evenly dividing calls between all agents prevents employees from getting overwhelmed. Using a call queue system allows team memebers to properly complete current calls before they are inundated with new calls. The call flow management is much more orchestrated and easier to handle which in turn promotes productivity and company morale.

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