September 16, 2020

    Beta Launch Alert! net2phone Business Phone Systems Integration with Zoho

    business phone systems integration with Zoho

    Many digital sales CRM tools feature design elements optimized for a cleaner user experience. However, when it comes to cloud-based solutions, especially nowadays when so many of us are working remotely, there’s something special about our beta business communications integration with  Zoho . While we may be slightly biased,  we know it’s a cost-effective – and outright effective – way to implement stable, reliable business phone solutions, helping your team manage customer communications without hassle.

    Building Customer Communications and Relationships Demands Efficiency

    We’re big on data driving our business decisions, so here are some to consider. 

    • 46% of sales leaders believe deeper customer relationships are essential for encouraging further sales.
    • 55% of prospects would be comfortable with higher prices for an improved customer experience.

    The common subject of both of those data points is the customer relationship. Therefore, choosing a customer communications solution that pairs well with CRM software ideal for your business is critical to sales to help your organization build those relationships and track them too. This is what net2phone and Zoho can help you achieve.

    Why Integrate net2phone with Zoho? 

    Streamlined Business Phone Systems Integration

    Zoho is not only one of the most respected, trusted CRM software providers; they also prioritize sensible refinements that only further improve the user experience. net2phone shares the same implementation philosophy with our business phone systems. As a result, the performance of our customer communications services along with the resilience of their stable platform architecture is a huge collective win for your sales team. For example, calls can be made and received directly within an active Zoho account dashboard with a single click – there’s no need to add extra software or steps to enable it! 

    Automatic Call Logging and In-Call Notetaking

    customer communications notes

    You can also automatically log every call to ensure no critical information goes amiss – ideal for getting to know the customer’s specific interests and needs relevant to your offerings. Of course, this translates to more thoughtful recommendations and increased engagement. In addition, with a call still open, we enable you to take critical notes without interference. Using Zoho’s note feature, sales representatives can actively track customer data, which is then saved using the auto-logging feature to your account records.

    Data and Fact Driven Customer  Decisions

    Every net2phone call made through the Zoho dashboard automatically generates a detailed report of key data elements. These include everything from the duration and local time of the call to the type, helping your team organize and plan the next steps more effectively. Not only do we make it easier to see how long you’ve been engaging with every customer but, combined with the aforementioned notetaking and call logging capabilities, it’s easy to retrace your steps and plan the best next course of action. Speaking of which, Zoho’s CRM tools makes it a breeze to schedule follow-ups, set notifications and more, essentially streamlining future processes. Think of it as a way to document your entire customer journey while it’s happening – for each and every prospect!

    Pairing net2phone’s cloud-based VoIP business phone systems with Zoho’s user-friendly CRM tools gives you access to more effective support, features that eliminate hassle and maximize data availability, and solutions you can count on for optimal call performance. 

    It’s time to build lasting, beneficial customer relationships by empowering your sales team. Learn more by contacting us

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