Solutions for Call Shops & Internet Cafés
Reliable, High Quality, and Cost-Effective International VoIP Calling

Offer low cost international voice services to a call shop or internet café and their local customers will save!

On-Site Access to VoIP Calling in Countries Without Widespread Long-Distance Home Phone Services

Easy to Set Up

net2phone provides you with packages that all feature calling time, hardware devices, and a FREE online billing system to offer to call shop or internet café business.

Easy to Use

With net2phone’s Call Shop and Internet Café Solutions, your call shop customers need only a standard phone or a PC in their call shop, and can purchase additional calling time directly through you.

Easy to Save

Travelers, immigrants and expats are always looking to save money on calls to friends and family ‘back home’. net2phone’s Call Shop and Internet Café Solution’s low rates and high quality service attract repeat business that will let your call shop clients profit as their customers save.

net2phone Has You Covered!

Whether it’s providing services to a new Call Shop, or integrating our VoIP solution into an existing Internet Cafe, net2phone has you covered.

Offer net2phone’s state-of-the-art Call Shop Management Center.
All the tools and features a Call Shop Needs.

Rate Management

net2phone’s Rate Management application helps control profitability

  • View buy rates
  • Set sell rates (select from various currencies)
  • Change billing increments
  • View and customize exchange rates
Booth Management

Booth Management functionality lets call shops:

  • Manage up to 12 calling booths
  • View the call status within a booth
  • Set limits for prepaid calls
  • End a call
  • Select a booth for invoice
Invoice and Report Generation


Call shops can generate both standard and customized invoices, for one or multiple booths, and can include additional services or items as needed.


Call Destination Reports provide information on calls made to all destinations over a particular time period, and Reconciliation Reports show total revenue and cost/profit details for the business. All reports can be exported and saved to Excel for future reference.

PC2Phone Calling Software

PC Dialer

The net2phone Dialer enables call shop customers to also place low cost calls from a call shop PC. Our PC2Phone software is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French, and has a number of features designed specifically for internet cafés.

Profit by providing call shop owners with high quality, low-cost calling services that their customers can use to make calls anywhere in the world.

Offer Competitive Rates With The Freedom And Mobility

To Call Anywhere In The World

  • Enhanced User Experience

    • Superior call quality
    • A comfortable and natural calling experience
    • Ability for multiple users to make calls simultaneously

  • Flexibility

      • Variety of hardware solutions to fit various bandwidth needs
      • Calling does not require a PC, leaving stations open for other PC services