Broadband Telephony for Residential Customers

Flexible, Affordable Home Phone Solutions For Your Customers to Stay in Touch with Friends & Family

net2phone Broadband Telephony is a Voice over IP home phone service that allows residential customers to use their standard telephone and internet connection to make and receive phone calls at incredibly low rates. Create your own calling plans and choose the rates that suit your market to determine your own profit margin.

Broadband Telephony in any land

Provide affordable international calling in countries where low cost long-distance phone services are scarce.

Enhanced Communication Services Keep Your Customers Connected

Our all-in-one solution enables you to offer feature-rich residential VoIP services.

Broadband Telephony with a Full Suite of Popular Calling Features:


Caller ID

Call Forwarding

Call Return

Call Transfer

Automatic Call Back

Reach Me

3-Way Calling

Anonymous Call Blocking

Do Not Disturb

Speed Dial

Call monitoring

Benefit from net2phone’s Broadband Telephony Solution.

Keeping your customers satisfied has never been so easy.

Cost Savings
Routing calls using the internet offers significant cost savings over the local telco provider.

Low Cost Calling Plans and Free Calling Features

  • Calling plans allow customers to call all over the world for one low monthly cost
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing options allow customers to pay a low per minute rate on destinations worldwide
  • Inbound international virtual numbers allow friends and family abroad to call for the cost of a local call
  • net2phone has numbers from over 50 countries and 300 cities
  • No connection fees, access fees or maintenance fees

net2phone offers Broadband Telephony services as a VoIP Anywhere Solution.

Full Access to Plans and Features, Any Time, Anywhere

net2phone's Broadband Telephony service is a VoIP Anywhere Solution that lets you offer your customers full access to their calling plans and features any time, anywhere. The same account and phone number can be accessed via:

  • a home telephone
  • a computer softphone application
  • a smartphone mobile app

Your customers feel at ease using the same home or mobile phone they are comfortable with

High Quality, Low Cost Calling - Simple and Easy

  • Customers can keep their existing phone number
  • Calling packages can be customized to the destinations customers call the most
  • No access codes, 2-step dialing, or remembering calling card PIN codes
  • Mobile app syncs with mobile phone contact list
  • One low, predictable monthly price

Simple, profitable, flexible and yours.

net2phone Broadband Telephony is an ideal solution for residential customers who have friends and family or business contacts abroad and wish to make and receive low cost international calls from the comfort of their own home.