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    Onboarding Manager

    About the Role

    Net2Phone is currently looking for an Onboarding Manager to contribute to our customer experience team.

    You can be a part of this vital group by demonstrating your ability to make our customers happy during their implementation. The right teammate would enable our department to better serve our customers by managing the customer journey through their initial setup.

    We look for teammates who are able to thrive in a fast-paced, cutting-edge, technology-driven environment.


    • Manage implementation projects autonomously.
    • Understand requirements from the customers and our partners.
    • Address customers’ changing needs and manage those changes throughout the install.
    • Reach out to Customers and Channel Sales Agents to gather the information necessary for the post-sale installation process.
    • Obtain and Review Configuration Documents from Customer and Sales Agents.
    • Obtain, review, and submit all Letters of Authorization and copies of bills necessary to proceed with Porting Process.
    • Order all necessary equipment needed to complete the Installation based on Sales Order.
    • Complete the Installation and Porting Process and ensure the customer/agent is satisfied with the entire process.
    • Maintain Onboarding Standards.
    • Work with Onboarders on hitting monthly target goals.

    Job Type

    Full-time position


    Newark, NJ

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