Cloud pbx phone systems

    Cloud PBX Phone Systems for Your Business

    Take your business communications to the next level with net2phone's unified cloud PBX solution. With advanced features such as real-time analytics, video conferencing, unlimited calling, and more, your business will be fully equipped to take communications to the next level.

    What to Expect from a Cloud-Based PBX Phone System

    Regardless of the organization size or the industry it operates in, every business needs to communicate with prospective customers and vendors externally, as well as with employees internally. net2phone’s powerful cloud PBX phone system and unified communications platform will enhance your business communications with over 40 next-generation features including secure video conferencing, call recording, business text messaging, mobile apps, analytics, and much more.

    Advanced Cloud PBX Features Enhance your business communications our cloud PBX solution, fully equipped with 40+ advanced features such as secure video conferencing, call recording, web and mobile apps, business text messaging, and more - all accessible from a desk or mobile phone, laptop or computer.
    Robust Communication Analytics Combine the advanced functionality of a cloud PBX phone system with the robust data, reporting, and analytics capabilities modern businesses require, and your organization will transform into an agile and digitally evolved institution equipped with smarter conversations in no time.
    No Complex or Physical Hardware Required With net2phone, there is no need for clunky, expensive physical PBX equipment, or the obligation to set up and manage it. Our cloud PBX business phone system can be accessed from any device with an internet connection for instant access to an advanced communication suite.

    Cloud Hosted PBX – A Customizable Solution For Businesses of All Size

    Whatever the nature of your business, a cloud hosted PBX phone system can help enhance your communications. Customer service becomes a breeze when critical information can be automatically populated when a call comes in and lightning fast warm or cold transfers can ensure they get through to the person best equipped to solve their issue the first time. Likewise, important clients or business partners – often left frustrated by navigating outdated phone systems – can get through to the departments or individual contacts with ease.

    Cloud vs On-premises Cloud PBX vs On-premises – Which to Choose?

    The advantages of a cloud PBX phone system, when compared to an on-premises alternative, are many. 

    The key difference between hosted PBX vs onsite PBX is that a premise-based solution means that the hardware appliances will be stored onsite in your office whereas hosted PBX means that the hardware appliances are kept offsite at the host’s cloud data center.

    With no physical hardware to maintain, costs are kept to a minimum and getting set up with your new cloud-based PBX solution requires almost no installation costs. All your business needs is an internet connection and a device (computer and/or desk phone hand/headsets) required to talk and manage interactions.

    Scaling also becomes a matter of simplicity as no new physical phone lines need to be installed. You simply contact the customer service professionals here at net2phone and they can add more lines with a few clicks.

    Cloud PBX vs On-premises


    With a cloud PBX phone system from net2phone, calls can be connected to any internet enabled desk phone, smartphone or computer, meaning your business can remain effective in any role, wherever in the world they are working from. net2phone has 30+ years of experience delivering the most advanced cloud PBX phone system technology and advanced VoIP solutions and have been recognized for our customer service by highly respected peer-to-peer review spaces such as G2 which recently awarded us a coveted “Users Love Us” badge and UC Today which recently crowned us the Global Partner of The Year for providing exceptional performance and solutions through channel partners on a global scale.

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    Additional Cloud PBX Resources

    Whether it be streamlining business communication, assisting in company growth, or providing top-of-the-line support, net2phone has aided in many of our customers' success with our Cloud PBX unified communications solution.

    Cloud PBX Phone System FAQ’s

    What Does Cloud PBX Mean?

    Cloud PBX stands for Cloud-based Private Branch Exchange and refers to a virtual PBX system hosted on the internet, which answers calls and routes them to the right department or user extension.

    How Does Cloud PBX Work?

    With a business phone system hosted in the cloud all calls to and from your business – whether from an IP phone, smartphone, or any other connected device – are routed through online data centers with the voice traffic carries over the internet.

    Why Cloud PBX?

    Fast setup, maintenance-free, cost savings, use on multiple devices, geographical flexibility, improved collaboration, scalability, and minimal physical technology, are just a few of the reasons a business can benefit from a net2phone cloud PBX phone system solution.

    Upgrade your business with cloud pbx phone systems

    Our business communication experts will help you to find the best solution to upgrade your business with next-level Cloud PBX phone system solution.

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