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net2phone is the business communication solution of choice for growing companies. More than just a dial tone, net2phone delivers, the best quality, reliable business phone service.

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Go Pro with net2phone for Small Business

Stay connected with your customers with a cost effective, reliable, flexible communications solution from net2phone. With net2phone your business delivers a professional caller experience and easily scale as your company grows.

Flexible, Scalable & Reliable Enterprise Service from net2phone

Enterprise companies require a feature-filled, reliable and scalable solution that integrates technology into the way people do business. Net2phone delivers mobility, instant messaging (SMS & Web), online and desktop phone communications with unique analytic insights in a fully integrated, multi-channel solution for rapidly scaling and large organizations.


Switch and save with net2phone!

  • Easy to use, feature-filled, all-inclusive communications solution
  • FREE state of art desk phones - with no capex
  • Deep business insights with powerful call data analytics
  • FREE calling to over 20 countries