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May 18, 2020
by kramer on net2phone

Customer service goes a loooooooong way these days. Net2Phone’s Customer Success is without a doubt first-class. I seriously wish more companies that I do business with would follow the Net2Phone model. It is very tough being a Director of Information Systems, knowing that there will be outages, knowing there will be unexpected hardware/software failures; while supporting users that depend on connectivity 24/7. …. Now you know why those in my field do not sleep at night! : ) Yes, sometimes inconvenient things happen. Fortunately for me and our business, Net2Phone has always been responsive and seriously provided the best customer service! Net2Phone has made many of my days brighter and less stressful…. And that means a lot to me! We are a tough company to please; I hope Net2Phone knows how much we appreciate them, their quality product, and their outstanding service. Bonus if you get to talk with Mark Staley on the phone directly. Not only does he follow through & escalate if necessary, his voice is amazing and worth the call!

May 13, 2020
by Alex on net2phone

I'm getting pretty good response times and the teams are well trained. I'm getting a wide variety of folks who have the ability to support us so I just want to say thanks because and that's good because then we can focus more on selling and expanding. Extend that to Dovey and the team to make sure that they you know how appreciative we are!

May 13, 2020
by Corner Stone National Title on net2phone

Sam is responsive, communicates well, and is very knowledgeable. He did a great job of getting us set up and following up with me to make sure everything was working properly.

May 8, 2020
by Ernie on net2phone

Joe started off with the utmost patience and professionalism. He told me that MY company's success and happiness were imperative to accomplishing his goals for our call. Joe continued to be courteous, knowledgeable and very willing to help. He remained enthusiastic, energetic and positive throughout the entire call. He then helped me to get my system setup as it correlates with MY needs. We have everything working as desired! I am very grateful for Joe and am a happy net2phone customer.

May 8, 2020
by Mike on net2phone

system performs great and your service has been impeccable! Plus, great value

Apr 3, 2020
by jonathan leibowitz on net2phone

I just want to thank you for this system. It is a life saver. I brought home two phones and I have my “office “ up and running. Incredible! Call park, my IVR, and all!

Mar 27, 2020
by Pat on net2phone

Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of my customer. You have made this so painless in these trying times and to do all this remotely is astounding! You were quick to engineer this, remarkably thorough, and made this process simple for my customer. I’m really looking forward to working with you on our next projects.

Mar 27, 2020
by Argelys Pena on net2phone

We deployed net2phone to over 70 users right before the Coronavirus broke out. Currently 90% of our employees are working from home and are now using a combination of the net2phone Mobile app and the Web RTC! Thank you Net2Phone!

Mar 16, 2020
by Marti G. on net2phone

My customer was super impressed with how you handled his account. I am following up with a HUGE thanks to you. It makes me feel twice as lucky to have you come down to sponsor my networking event.

Reputation is everything and you have done a great job since we have worked together treating every single customer I bring you like THE MOST important customer you have.

Networking groups and events are important to me. But customer fulfillment is KING. And you and your team get the crown so please share as I continue to change this market.

Please pass on to your Onboarding, Fulfillment, and Engineering teams how easy you all make my life easy when it comes to backing up what Solutions I find best for the client's needs.

So far, the best has been Net2Phone.

Mar 13, 2020
by Kimberly Swain-Simmons on net2phone

I SO appreciate all the help of Net2Phone and getting on this so quickly to verify where the issue was coming from. Everyone has issues, it's how you react to those issues that set us apart. You guys really set yourself apart from the competition. I won't forget this.

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