Frequently Asked Questions


Why choose net2phone?

net2phone is the global leader in high quality, low cost VoIP solutions. We’re the 4th largest international voice carrier in the world – terminating over 33 billion minutes per year – and have been trusted by thousands of customers since 1996. With net2phone’s dedicated support and account management teams, we guide you right from the start – everything from setting up your first accounts through how to manage your VoIP business day to day.

How can i sign up to be a reseller with net2phone?

Signing up to be a VoIP reseller is easy. Just fill out a contact form and a net2phone VoIP Solutions Expert will call you to assess the needs of your business, and to review the VoIP solution that works best for you and your target market.

How does the net2phone VOIP Reseller program work?

When you partner with net2phone, you can deliver your own branded VoIP telephony service. net2phone will interconnect with you and become your complete VoIP platform — hosting the technology and provisioning elements. net2phone will customize a private label solution for you to offer into your channels under your brand name. You will have access to our robust online management portal, which is fully loaded with all of the features and functionality that you’ll need to get started, as well as ongoing training and support from net2phone every step of the way.

How do I make money with net2phone?

Making money with net2phone is easy. With our global network of over 800 interconnects, net2phone offers highly competitive wholesale rates for you to resell at retail rates that fit your target market. This gives you control of your own per-minute margin. Alternatively, you can choose to use our bonus mode, where you purchase minutes in bulk and receive free additional minutes to sell for automatic profit. For more details on net2phone profit models, click here.

Do you offer free trials or tests of your services?

Yes! We are so confident that you and your customers will love our service, we want you to try it for free. Click here to request a free test account and get started today.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, our contract solidifies your partnership with net2phone and will take into account your choice of VoIP solution(s). When you agree to resell net2phone services, there are no minimum requirements, commitments or targets, and no penalties or hidden fees.

What net2phone solutions can i resell?

You can resell net2phone’s Business VoIP Solution (SIP Trunking), Residential VoIP Solution (Broadband Telephony) and Mobile VoIP Solution (Mobile Apps), as well as our Call Shop and Internet Café Solution. We can customize any service to fit the needs of your target market and customers.

Which solution is best for me?

Your net2phone VoIP Solutions Expert will work with you to understand your target audience and which of our solutions is right for you. The net2phone Partner Program is designed for value-added resellers (VARs), service providers, and IT consultants who want to add VoIP solutions to their product portfolio to earn a new recurring revenue stream.

Do you have VoIP solutions for businesses?

Yes, net2phone offers SIP Trunking Business Solutions that can be customized and built around your customers’ needs.

Do you have VoIP solutions for call centers and telemarketing firms?

Absolutely. Please visit our Resource Center to learn more about what you can offer your Call Center Customers, or contact us to speak to a net2phone SIP Trunking Specialist.

What happens when I sign up / become a net2phone reseller?

When you sign up to become a net2phone reseller, you sign up for more than just reselling net2phone VoIP Solutions. net2phone believes that your success is our success; that’s why we provide you with a dedicated account management team and all the technical support you need to succeed as a reseller. To get started, we train you to use our online management portal and tools, so you can create accounts and begin to earn new revenues almost immediately!

How long does it take to be set up?

Depending on the net2phone VoIP Solution you choose, you can be up and running in as little as 24 hours.

How do I manage my VoIP solutions business?

net2phone will provide all the technical training you need, as well as full access to our web management portal that will allow you to create and sell accounts, download reports, generate invoices, and effortlessly manage your VoIP solutions business day after day.

What tools does net2phone provide to help me to become a successful reseller?

Your dedicated account management team provides you with all the necessary set-up support and training you need to be successful, including in-country marketing collateral and help to develop customized rate plans and sales sheets.

What type of support do you offer resellers?

net2phone provides a dedicated account management team, Tier 1 support for technical issues, and a web-based ticketing system to resolve any issues you might encounter.

Do you offer white label / private label VoIP solutions?

All of our products are full white label turnkey solutions. Each net2phone VoIP solution can be customized to ensure that your customers receive a seamless experience, delivered under your own recognized and trusted brand.

What countries do you offer services in?

net2phone is an international VoIP Solutions Provider and we offer services across the globe.

What type of reporting or call detail record does your service offer?

net2phone’s account management team will show you how to use our online management tool to view your customers’ calling patterns and history, and to create customized reports and invoices.

What type of network do you have?

net2phone has a Tier 1 network, providing you with 571 direct interconnects and operations in 147 countries that deliver premium routes at great rates. Our network is supported by a global IP backbone, overlaid with a Sonus Softswitch network to support time-division multiplexing (TDM).

When will I receive access to your partner portal?

You will have full access to our partner portal once your account setup has been completed.

Do you offer marketing collateral?

net2phone provides our partners with marketing support, such as customized sales sheets, web and print advertisements, and in-country seminars, to help you promote your VoIP business.

Do you support multiple currencies?

Yes, net2phone supports multiple currencies to allow our partners to sell in their markets in the currencies that their customers are comfortable with.

Do you offer any volume discount plans?

net2phone offers different plan packages. Please contact us and a VoIP Solutions Expert will speak with you about the plans that best meet the demands of your customers.

What payments do you accept?

We accept a variety of payment options, including Western Union, wire transfer, credit card and PayPal.

Where can I find information on rates and plan costs?

You can view our pricing structure here or have one of our VoIP Solutions Experts contact you to better understand your business needs. We will create a customized calling solution for you to offer your customers – at net2phone, it’s not “one size fits all” – and we will also help you to build calling plans that save your customers money while bringing you increased profits.

Can I change my own rates?

net2phone is constantly rolling out new features. One of net2phone’s latest developments is allowing our partners to modify their own rates. This feature should be ready before 2016! Click here to be notified when we release this update.

How do I add funds to my account?

net2phone provides a full suite of online management tools to help you implement and control your VoIP business, including adding funds to your account.

How do I charge my customers?

net2phone’s online management portal gives you full access to features, such as customer billing and invoices, report generation, and provisioning for new accounts.

Can you bill my customers directly?

Depending on the net2phone Partner Program you choose, you will have the option to manage your business from A-Z, or to simply sign customers up and leave the billing to us. Learn more on our Partner Benefits page.

Are there any set up fees?

No, net2phone does not charge any set up fees to resell our service.

  • Sip Trunking
  • Mobile Apps
  • Voiceline
  • Call Shop
When should a business use SIP Trunking?

Businesses that want to upgrade their office technology and want to get rid of their costly, physical leased lines should switch over to SIP Trunking. Your customers will save significantly on both telecommunication and infrastructure costs. In fact, over 58% of businesses say they will switch over to SIP Trunking by the end of 2015.

What types of device does SIP Trunking work with?

net2phone’s IP-PBX SIP Trunking Solutions are certified and compatible with most IP-enabled PBXs and gateways – including those from Alcatel, Asterisk, Cisco, Digium, Elastix, Linksys, Lucent, Panasonic, Siemens, and 3CX – as well as any other IP-enabled VoIP device.

What inbound DIDs do you support?

net2phone SIP Trunking Solutions offer international virtual numbers, also known as direct inward dialing (DID) numbers, from 50+ countries and 300+ cities. Click here to download our latest availability of phone numbers, including country and city DIDs.

How many concurrent channels does your sip trunking support?

net2phone SIP Trunks can handle as many simultaneous calls as your customers need. We include unlimited channels in our pay-as-you-go plans, and per-channel pricing for our SIP Trunking plans.

Do you charge per channel?

net2phone does not charge per channel with our pay-as-you-go plans. Unlimited and “bucket of minutes” plans do use per-channel pricing.

Do you offer unlimited calling?

net2phone offers either pay-as-you-go pricing, or fixed calling plans with unlimited calls to multiple countries. Please click here to view samples of our featured SIP Trunking Unlimited Calling Plans, or contact us to have a VoIP Solutions Expert reach out to better understand your business needs and help to create customized plans for your market.

Will I need to sell any equipment or hardware with net2phone VoIP Solutions?

No, with net2phone’s SIP Trunking Solution, there is no need for new hardware or to uproot your customers’ existing hardware. net2phone SIP Trunks work with devices that are SIP-compliant. If your customer has an IP-PBX, net2phone SIP Trunks should be configurable directly in the existing PBX. If your customer has a legacy PBX, a gateway can be used to utilize net2phone SIP Trunks on your customer’s legacy PBX.

Do you provide PBX equipment?

No, net2phone SIP Trunking Solutions do not require purchase of equipment from us, and are compatible with almost all SIP-compliant PBXs, gateways and devices.

What codecs do you support?

The net2phone network supports a variety of high quality codecs, as well as low bandwidth codecs, including G.711, G.729 and G.723.

Can I customize CLI (caller ID)?

Yes, net2phone SIP Trunks allow you to customize the caller ID displayed on your outbound calls. As per our terms and conditions, you should only use a phone number that you own for your caller ID.

Do you support inbound calling as well as outbound calling?

Yes, net2phone VoIP Solutions support inbound and outbound calling.

What if the countries my customers want to call are not listed in your plan?

If the countries your customers call frequently are not listed, please Contact a net2phone VoIP Solutions Expert who will work with you on building a customized calling plan with the destinations your customers need included.

Do you offer IP authentication?

Yes, net2phone offers IP authentication with or without digest.

Do you offer location based proxies so I can register with a proxy closer to my location?

We currently offer sixfour proxies for registration that will send both SIP and media packets from that location. Registering with the default proxy will also route media traffic depending on your location. The proxy information and additional IP addresses necessary to clear your firewall are as follows:

Location: USA
IP Address:
IP Address:

Location: Hong Kong
IP Address:

Location: United Kingdom
IP Address:

Location: Brazil
IP Address: [….]

Location: Peru
IP Address: [….]

Are my customers’ numbers transferable to net2phone?

Yes, we support number portability. Our dedicated account management team will work with you to transition your customers’ numbers over to net2phone.

What options are available for high volume users?

net2phone SIP Trunking Solutions are scalable – designed to scale up or down as needed depending on your volume. Your customers only need to pay for what they use.

Why should I choose the net2phone Mobile VoIP Solution?

With net2phone’s Mobile VoIP Solution, you can offer new prepay services to existing customers, as well as target new customers. The convenience and functionality of the net2phone Mobile App will also help you to retain existing customers and recover long distance traffic from customers that may have migrated to over-the-top (OTT) competitors. You will enjoy continuous revenue streams from the mobile app, as your customers top up repeatedly using branded retail vouchers.

Can I customize the net2phone Mobile App?

Yes, net2phone will work with you to customize the app to your brand, then allow you to market and distribute your mobile app to your customer base under your own brand, through the sale of branded prepaid top-up vouchers. Your company name will appear on all elements of the service, including the app itself and your customer’s web site, allowing you to leverage your network/our carrier network and build your brand.

How do my customers add funds to their accounts?

Customers can top up through a variety of payment methods, including the convenient use of branded retail vouchers, web-based APIs and credit cards where permitted.

How long does implementation take?

Depending on the features you choose to customize, net2phone’s Mobile Apps can be yours, branded, and ready to sell within 90 days.

Can the app support different currencies?

Yes, net2phone offers multiple currencies for you to choose from, so you can offer the most convenient currency for your customers.

Can I host / support the mobile app in my own app store?

Yes, you can host net2phone’s Mobile VoIP Solution in your own app store, under your own brand name.

Do you offer APIs?

Yes, net2phone offers APIs that will fully integrate with your mobile app platform.

Can I create my own rates?

Yes, net2phone offers you the flexibility of creating your own profit margins by deciding the rates you want to offer to your customers.

What kind of calling types do you support?

Smartphone users can make international calls through a broad range of calling options – local access, data, or Wi-Fi/3G. For convenience, your customers can customize their local access preferences.

Does the net2phone Mobile App support other features besides telephony?

Yes, net2phone Mobile Apps come with an integrated Mobile Top-Up Offer so your customers can send money to friends, family, and loved ones abroad.

Does the mobile app have a refer-a-friend program?

Yes, net2phone Mobile Apps come with a refer-a-friend program to incentivize your customers to recommend your branded app to make money every time their referrals top up their service!

What is broadband telephony?

Broadband telephony is a form of communications that allows a user to transmit or receive voice phone calls over a data network, using the internet.

Do you offer unlimited calling?

Yes, we have several unlimited calling plans to many destinations in the world. net2phone can also customize an unlimited calling package just for you, featuring the destinations that your customers call most.

Does net2phone Broadband Telephony work over satellite?

Yes, our broadband telephony will work over satellite. net2phone enables VSAT/WiMAX providers to deliver low cost, high quality voice services over the least amount of bandwidth. Our solution enables customers in remote locations and challenging environments to make calls. Deploying VoIP over VSAT simply requires connecting a small on-premise gateway and/or softphone. By partnering with net2phone, you can leverage our global network to provide quality voice solutions to the maritime industry, government groups, energy sectors, and others operating in outlying areas.

What devices will my customers need?

net2phone Broadband Telephony is compatible with Innomedia MTA XT 6328 telephone adapters. These devices can be purchased to resell to your customers with the Broadband Telephony service. net2phone Broadband Telephony can also be used via softphone on a desktop/laptop, or via a mobile app on iPhone and Android devices.

Do you support multiple currencies on broadband telephony plans?

Yes, we support multiple currencies and can create plans with any currency your customers require.

What kind of plans do you offer?

We offer unlimited calling plans, which include a select amount of destinations your customers can call unlimited for one low monthly price. We also offer “bucket of minutes” – which give a specified number of minutes that can be used to call destinations within the plan, and pay-as-you-go pricing – which allows your customers to call any destination they wish and pay a low per-minute rate for each call.

Can I customize my calling plans?

Yes, net2phone partners are able to customize our plans to best fit the needs of your customers. Our account management team will work with you on selecting the best destinations to include, at the most competitive prices for your market.

Do you support mobile apps?

Yes, net2phone’s Broadband Telephony service has a mobile app that your customers can download to access their account and calling plan on their mobile phone, smartphone or tablet. The same account can be shared across devices, making net2phone Broadband Telephony a VoIP Anywhere solution.

Can I have virtual phone numbers?

Yes, net2phone offers international virtual numbers, or direct inward dialing (DID) numbers, from more than 50 countries and over 300 cities worldwide. Click here (link to DIDs) for a full list of available locations and numbers to choose from.

Do your broadband telephony solutions work in the US?

Yes, net2phone’s Broadband Telephony Solutions work globally.

Do you support inbound calling as well as outbound calling?

Yes, net2phone Broadband Telephony allows customers to make and receive low cost, high quality calls.

What if the countries my customers want to call are not listed in your plan?

net2phone will work with you to customize a calling plan that includes the countries your customers wish to call.

Do you have software to manage Call Shops?

Yes, net2phone’s Call Shop and Internet Café Solution offers a free online billing program to help you operate an organized and profitable call shop. (link to

What devices do I use?

net2phone Call Shop Solutions can be used with any SIP-based VoIP device, and with our free PC and mobile dialers.

Do you have mobile dialers?

Yes, net2phone offers free mobile dialers with our Call Shop packages.

Do you provide equipment?

net2phone provides the software needed for you to manage Call Shops along with PC and Mobile dialers for your Call Shop customers.

How can Call Shops connect to net2phone’s services?

To offer net2phone’s services in your Call Shop, please click here and submit a request for a VoIP Solutions Expert to contact you.