VoIP Contact Center Solutions

Next-generation voice services for your call center

Reduce Costs and Increase Agent Productivity.

Lower Operational Costs

Take advantage of the operational savings from using VoIP solutions along with the ability to use unlimited channels and scale capacity on a usage-based level —pay only for the calls you make!

Better Control and Flexibility

Consolidate multiple locations and remote agents together under one inbound number – a truly virtual architecture.

Increase Agent Productivity

net2phone offers the highest quality interconnections, ensuring your agents’ calls complete with crystal clear quality.  Monitor calls with real time reporting and automated daily CDR reports.


The latest features in VoIP technology to maximize call center solutions

Aggressive A-Z Rates

Automatic recharging

Unlimited channels

Local inbound numbers

Real time reporting

Calling line identification (CLID)

Increase Customer Satisfaction. Improve Business.


Cost Savings

  • Significantly cut termination costs by using VoIP
  • Pay only for the calls that you make
  • No recurring fees, no set up fees


  • Daily auto reports of calls to increase agent productivity
  • Regional based proxies reduce latency and intercontinental routing issues
  • Gain a virtual presence to support customers and campaigns in other countries


  • Certified and compatible with most IP-enabled PBXs and gateways
  • Scalability to manage different levels of call volumes
  • Unlimited concurrent calls

If you deal with varying volumes of inbound and outbound calls,
no matter the size of your contact center, net2phone can help.