Algo Doorphone/Intercom

Algo’s Door Phone is an outdoor rated IP intercom compatible with premise based and hosted SIP communication servers.

  • SIP compatibility
  • Door sensor or call button input
  • Initiates or accepts calls
  • Eliminates FXS port or ATA
  • Auto-provisioning
  • Outdoor rated

Algo Doorphone/Intercom

By connecting to the VoIP telephone system, arriving visitors and guests can be greeted from any telephone or client and allowed entry by a simple key press.

Installation is simple and secure by use of single pair telephone wiring to the all weather digital door station, and a remotely located access control relay prevents tampering. Included brass and stainless steel faceplates combine with easy surface or recessed mounting to make the 8028 well suited for many applications including commercial, industrial, public facility, or private residence.

The 8028 kit includes the following: Door Station with two face plates (brass, stainless steel), Controller with 24V power supply, and a bezel for surface mounting. Please note that the Door Station can flush mount into a standard dual gang box. Mounting gaskets also included in the kit.


Algo Doorphone/Intercom

  • Compatibility: SIP
  • Configuration: Web Interface or Auto-Provisioning via TFTP, FTP or HTTP
  • Network Address: DHCP or static IP address
  • NAT: STUN Server or Keep-Alive
  • Speech: Full Duplex Capable
  • Codec: G.711
  • Physical: Separate Controller and Door Station
  • Power: AC Mains Adapter 95-230 V 50/60 Hz Included
  • Indicators: Power, Door Station Status, In-Use, Door Unlock
  • Network Connection: RJ45 Jack
  • Installation: Shelf or wall mounted
  • Environmental: Dry indoor location
  • Door Control Connection: 5 Position terminal strip
  • Door Control Power: Available 24 V, 300 mA Strike power +/-
  • Door Control Relay: Relay C, NO, NC phone keypad activated; Maximum 30 V, 1 A
  • Door Station Connection: RJ12 Jack Center Pair
  • Door Station Wiring: 24 AWG Twisted Pair to 1000 Ft (300 m)
  • Auxiliary Input Connection: RJ12 Jack Second Pair
  • Auxiliary Input Electrical: Detects dry contact closure 24 V 4 mA sensing current
  • Auxiliary Input Functions: Manual door release; Door control lockout; Door sensor NC (Default) or NO; Call button NC or NO; Disabled
  • Auxiliary Output Connection: RJ12 Jack Outside Pair
  • Auxiliary Output Electrical: Normally open switch 180 Ohms active; Maximum 30 V, 50 mA
  • Auxiliary Output Functions: In-Use (Default); Ringing; Call button pressed; Door unlock; Door open (requires door sensor); Door alarm (requires door sensor); Door sensor NC (Default) or NO; Follow Controller input; Follow Door Station input; Disabled
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