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Net2Phone Dialer 2.0 Software

Net2Phone's free Dialer 2.0 software is available in English, Spanish and French and allows users to place VoIP calls and send faxes from a PC.

The Dialer 2.0 provides:

  • A feature-rich, configurable software interface
  • Built-in faxing
  • Enhanced Internet Café calling functionality

Improve the PC-to-Phone calling experience
Perfect for both private (home, business) and public (Internet Café/Calling Center) applications, the user-friendly software conveniently displays:

  • Number dialed
  • Account balance
  • Call duration
  • Country dialed
  • Cost per minute
  • Number of minutes remaining
  • Last ten telephone numbers called, with the destination country and call duration

The Dialer 2.0 provides a number of other features that directly benefit Internet Cafés, including:

  • The ability to choose either a public or private mode
    Appropriate for Internet Cafés, the public setting requires callers to enter their account number and PIN prior to each use. The private setting permits users to save their account number and PIN in memory.
  • A dynamic country code list
    With a drop-down, alphabetized list of international country codes, international calling is simple. The ten most frequently called countries are listed first, allowing Internet Cafés to make it easier for their customers to dial top calling destinations.

Save on faxing
The Dialer 2.0 features built-in fax functionality. So, in addition to saving on calls to phones all over the world, users can also send low-cost faxes.

Optimize call quality
Version 2.0 of the Net2Phone Dialer allows callers to adjust the number of voice frames per packet based on how much bandwidth they have. As a result, users can experience the highest call quality based on their Internet connection speed.

Click here to download our free Dialer 2.0 software.

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